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Dirty ex-husband has a bad impact on my children

I just read an article about getting married in a dirty place, and I feel like I am and have a headache about it.

He and I met when we were in the same department at the company. When he goes to work, he wears a uniform, goes with me, he wears jeans and a simple t-shirt, I don’t really care about a man’s appearance, so I don’t pay much attention to other details. When I got married, I found that she was very dirty and lazy in personal hygiene. He only takes a bath once a week, otherwise I remind him that he also intentionally forgets. He finished working out at the gym, sweated profusely, and sat up to fan himself, but decided against taking a shower. Every week, he only brushes his teeth, washes his face once or twice, takes a wet towel or wipes it.

Shirts, socks… he comes home from work and throws them everywhere, I collect them for washing, when I’m busy with the kids, he can wear every outfit for a whole week. He also bluntly argued that odorless bodies did not need to be cleaned. But I saw his head full of dandruff, red skin around the hairline, white flakes falling on his shoulders and bored. He also has a hobby of making me pop my pimples and pluck my hair deeply. If it weren’t for work, he probably wouldn’t have cut or shaved his hair.

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At first I sweetly pleaded, advised, and personally helped her wash her face, take care of her skin…, then I discovered that the more I pampered her, the more lazy she became. Finally, tired and tired, I got bored and didn’t want to talk anymore. After only a few months of marriage, my emotions really dropped, I felt a little disgusted and scared of my husband. When I come home from work, I cook for my family and then clean the house, I just want to get out of bed on the bed.

In addition, I became pregnant immediately after the wedding, because I found out that my husband was dirty, so I used the excuse of pregnancy to avoid the relationship between husband and wife. Having a baby and taking care of small children is tiring, my husband doesn’t know how to organize things but it makes a mess, making me feel even more tired while cleaning. In business, he also made a lot of mistakes and lost money, so we had friction and tension. Husband and wife are no longer comfortable communicating like they used to. Then no matter what, he caught me cheating, we agreed to divorce very quickly.

He rented a house near my mother and I, fully furnished. Every morning, he still came to pick up his son from school, in the afternoon took him to the extra school, picked him up on weekends, and the two were very close. In general, my father-daughter relationship didn’t stop me, but husband-wife relationship definitely ended. I had heard from his sister that over the past few years, he found several other girlfriends, brought them home to meet his mother, someone he lived with for a few months, but they all broke up with him.

Actually I understand that ending my marriage came from many reasons, the first one may be from the reason he is dirty, the daily personal hygiene he can’t do makes me emotional, I don’t want to be close anymore. I am afraid that my children will be negatively affected by such a father in the future. Now, I teach my six-year-old son to practice personal hygiene, but every weekend he comes home to play, he instantly forgets good habits.

When I picked up my son home, I reminded him that he kept imitating his father, he struggled and cried and then made a fuss. I am really desperate, reminding him to set an example for his children, but he is still like water pouring potato leaves, divorced, but he still has a bad influence on his children. I don’t know what to do now. Hope readers help share.


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