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Explore WatchStore – Professional genuine watch store

Today, watches are an accessory that both affirms the fashion personality and enhances the style of the owner. This is also a favorite item of gentlemen, ladies, businessmen… when attending domestic and foreign events.

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However, with the mentality of racing to fashion, but the economy is not enough, so instead of choosing to buy a genuine watch, many people choose to buy a fake (fake) watch. Because of this demand, many stores selling fake watches on the market were born, making watch enthusiasts feel confused when looking to buy genuine watches on the market.

A fake watch doesn’t have a very long lifespan, and can even be damaged after a short time of use. In addition, the fake watches will have rough, unrefined lines, especially the price is much cheaper than the published genuine.

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Mr. P. – a customer who bought a watch said: “I used to buy an Orient watch at a non-genuine store, then after wearing it for a few months, it broke. When I went to repair it, the dealer reported a fake, and it didn’t last long after being repaired.“. This is a fairly common condition that many people experience. Therefore, watch buyers should choose a genuine, reliable and quality-rated watch shop to avoid the situation of “losing money”.

WatchStore – A destination for watch lovers

Despite its short establishment, the WatchStore has become a favorite destination for professional watch connoisseurs. The facility is built according to the criteria of distributing reputable genuine wristwatch products in the market with great preferential policies on price and product warranty period, bringing peace of mind to customers.

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WatchStore is committed to selling 100% genuine products, if detecting fake goods, refund many times to customers. The company specializes in providing wristwatches from brands: Casio, Orient, Seiko,… The product lines are always diverse in models, designs, designs, materials and colors.

The store owns a team of attentive, enthusiastic consultants, ready to answer and accompany customers about watches. In addition, the prices here are also very competitive in the market to help watch enthusiasts easily own their favorite products.

In addition, this watch company always has many outstanding offers on occasions of the year such as April 30, May 1, Christmas, Black Friday, etc., along with a reliable and optimal warranty for customers. . Thanks to that, customers can feel secure when owning a watch at WatchStore.

When buying watches, customers will be provided with all information, boxes, books, product warranty cards, proving the source of goods in a clear and transparent way in the market.

Discover the collection of genuine Casio watches at WatchStore

If you are a fan of innovative, youthful and dynamic watches, then it is impossible to ignore the product. Casio watches, a famous brand from Japan. Casio watches are so familiar on the market in many Asian countries, including Vietnam. This product is very popular and welcomed by young people.

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Why are Casio watches so attractive? The first element is the innovative and unique design. Far away from traditional wristwatch brands, Casio offers customers large watch case designs, filled with striking colors: red, blue, white, yellow, orange…

In particular, Casio watches are equipped with electronic movements that are relatively durable over time with good water resistance and impact resistance. This has created the fever of Casio watches in the market and helped the brand gradually dominate many different market shares.

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If you are looking for youthfulness, dynamism and novelty, try this Casio watch model at the official WatchStore to have more new styles for yourself.

Shop system

Store 1: 228 Le Thanh Nghi, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Store 2: 120 Trung Queen, Da Nang

Store 3: 51 Tran Quoc Hoan, Tan Binh District, HCMC

Hotline 24/7: 093.189.2222

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