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Facebook and Instagram banned in Russia

At the request of the prosecution, two social networks Facebook and Instagram are banned for carrying out hateful activities aimed at Moscow. However, the WhatsApp messaging service is still allowed to continue operating in Russia.

During a recent hearing, the Russian security service FSB also accused Meta, the owner of Facebook, of opposing Moscow interests in conflicts.

The court said the decision would take effect immediately. However, before that, Russia’s media watchdog Roskomnadzor began preliminary blocking Facebook and Instagram.

The move is part of Russia’s efforts to monitor media activities amid various information flows regarding Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine.

Meta has yet to comment on Russia’s latest ruling. However, Meta’s lawyer Victoria Shagina previously asserted that the company does not carry out extremist activities and opposes anti-Russian behavior.

Facebook and Twitter blocked in Russia Facebook and Twitter blocked in Russia

VTV.vn – Russian media regulator Roskomnadzor recently announced that it will completely block Facebook in this country.

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