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Hien Ho’s show canceled

Hien Ho's show canceled - 1

Hien Ho’s show canceled in the middle of a love story

As planned, Hien Ho will have a concert on April 11 in Da Lat with singer Vu. However, in the midst of the “storm” of the love scandal, this show was canceled after netizens pulled on the website of the concert organizer, leaving mixed comments.

Accordingly, many people called for “pull up to Da Lat” to see Hien Ho perform, but there were also many suggestions that she should withdraw from this show so that they could fully enjoy singer Vu’s voice. Most are still opinions that the program organizers should not invite a singer who is in trouble with his private life to perform.

According to a part of the online community, Hien Ho’s presence will affect the artists participating in this show, specifically singer Vu.

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In response to netizens’ reactions, the organizer changed the artists participating in the show on April 11. Specifically, in addition to singer Vu, Hien Ho will be replaced by an indie artist – Trang’s Music.

Meanwhile, many fans couldn’t help but wonder “Where is Hien Ho now?”. Up to now, this female singer has not officially spoken about her love scandal. When the noisy incident broke out on the evening of March 19, she immediately locked her fanpage and then her personal Facebook page on March 20.

In the middle of the night of March 21, Hien Ho also locked her Instagram page, which had more than 1.7 million followers. In addition, Hien Ho continues to block all comments with all MVs after revealing a photo of her hugging a giant. As for the TikTok channel, Hien Ho is still open to the public but has limited comments.

Hien Ho's show canceled - 3Up to now, Hien Ho still chooses to be silent
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