How is real love different from pragmatism?

Is there anyone who doesn’t want a fuller life, both materially and spiritually… from that, the practical and pragmatic type also emerges.

Reality and pragmatism are two very thinly divided concepts. In a nutshell, you bring reality minus spiritual and emotional values, double selfishness, then add material calculations and personal interests. And as a result, we will have a “pragmatic” solution.

Ironically, more and more young people are slipping into toxic pragmatism. You can look through the examples below, to somewhat understand the difference between real love and pragmatic love:

Standard “choose to send gold”

Both real lover and lover All pragmatists understand that in today’s society, “one hut with two golden hearts” is not enough. However, the real lover tries to build a house together to protect the two golden hearts, while the pragmatist tries to spend all the gold hearts and then plays the “roller coaster” card…

A realistic girl can love a guy who is not yet rich, can see a rough road in the future, but also believes in the will of the person she loves.

A pragmatic girl only sees the labels her lover wears on her body, or even how thick the money in his account and wallet is, enough for her to withdraw.

Loving reality is different from pragmatic, distinguishing clearly lest choosing the wrong one is the wrong one for a lifetime-1

Calculating, plotting in love

Pragmatist, 100% graduated from the “Mining University” class. They always think about how to make themselves happy, material things are enough. They rarely think about marriage if that person is not qualified. Even break up, divorce when the value of taking advantage is exhausted.

Realistic people always know how harsh life is, so they always use reason to work.

They are not absolute or emotionless people, on the contrary, they do not like uncertain “hearts”, they always aim for stability rather than burning for a while and then extinguishing. Emphasize again that actual people have “love”.

Happiness concept

Many people confuse the two terms “pragmatic” and “realistic”.

But “reality” is emphasizing the practical meaning of an individual’s actions, using reason to act soberly and effectively. “Practical” means to refer to actions that only aim at immediate material benefits for themselves and do not care about anything else.

The happiness of the pragmatist is when materially fulfilled. The happiness of the real person is both material and spiritual.

Loving reality is different from pragmatic, distinguishing clearly lest choosing the wrong one is the wrong one for a lifetime-2

When going out, eating and gifts

Both types of people are very fair in love, but pragmatic love is fair to benefit themselves, even very clever in asking for money from their lover. Real lovers are different, they borrow properly and are very subtle in money matters. There are loans with decent repayments.

As for gifts, that’s all, love the fact that you’re happy when people remember you to give them a gift, and when it’s pragmatic, you’ll remember them because of the gift. Having a gift is one thing, but the value of a gift is another.

The number of times giving gifts is also proportional to happiness, expensive gifts are also a measure of their love, for them, the more expensive the more lovely, the more happy they are!

When there is a conflict

Real lovers have a very definitive and clear view of love, they do not blindly continue with a love with no future or waste time with someone who does not belong to them. They are willing to break up, leave and are often difficult to move when being held.

The pragmatist also has a clear view of love, but it is materialistic. For them, as long as the other person is valuable, this love can continue, no matter how fake it is.

Loving reality is different from pragmatic, distinguishing clearly lest choosing the wrong one is the wrong one for a lifetime-3

The distinction between the pragmatist and the realist in love is actually very easy to see. It is the practical person who will choose the sacrifices worthy of him, while the pragmatist does not allow anything to affect his peace or personal interests.

In short, loving reality is sometimes dreamy but not forgetting the harsh reality, recognizing that material values ​​always have to go hand in hand with emotional values, any choice they make in love will also have consequences. a certain spiritual meaning.

They value their own gain, but do not step on the happiness of others to gain it.

As for those who love pragmatics, love for them is just a tool to increase their own benefits in terms of material things. money mainly only.

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