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Husband used a knife to cut his wife and then hanged himself

On March 22, the police of Cu Chi district (HCMC) made a file and investigated the case of a man who hanged himself after using a knife to cut his “fake wife” and hospitalized.

Initial information, about 3:30 on March 21, people living near a grocery store on Provincial Road 15 (Tan Thanh Dong commune, Cu Chi district) heard a voiceless cry for help, so they ran to check.

Ho Chi Minh City: The husband slashed at his wife with a knife and then hanged himself - Photo 1.

Man hanged himself after slashing his wife

When they arrived, people discovered that Ms. NTHL (36 years old) was lying on the floor, so she and her relatives took the victim to Hoc Mon area General Hospital for emergency.

At this time, Nguyen Van Tien (46 years old) locked the door, entrenched inside. When Mrs. L.’s relatives returned from the hospital to the grocery store, Phat Tien hanged himself.

Cu Chi district police said that Tien and Ms. L. have a romantic relationship and have lived as husband and wife for more than a year. The original cause was due to money conflicts.

According to the leader of Cu Chi District Police, Tien used a knife to cut stones and attacked Ms. L. Currently, the victim’s health is basically stable.

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