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Implementation of the issuance of electronic passports for the Covid-19 vaccine

Vietnam has piloted the issuance of electronic certificates for Covid-19 vaccine injection in three hospitals: Bach Mai, E, K (Hanoi).

“After a week of trials, the system has responded well to the issuance of electronic vaccine passports. The Ministry of Health is expected to meet next week to quickly deploy nationwide,” said Mr Nguyen Ba Hung, deputy director of the Health Center. data, Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Health, told Workshop on the Implementation of Covid-19 Vaccination Electronic Certification March 22.

According to Mr Hung, in December 2021, the Ministry of Health issued a process for granting vaccine passport certification. Electronic vaccine passports as well as paper vaccine passports, help people more comfortable in international travel and trade. Currently, Vietnam has reached an agreement Vaccine passport introduction along with 17 countries.

The process of issuing an electronic vaccine passport is that people declare accurate information; Immunization agencies are responsible for reviewing information, linking to national and population databases for authentication. Everyone who has been vaccinated and has information about the vaccination management platform will have a QR code displayed on the Covid-19 PC application or electronic health book to control when going abroad. The Ministry of Health will integrate the electronic certification of vaccinations with the current application system for the convenience of the public.

As of March 22, more than 202 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine had been administered across the country. In which, the system recorded more than 193 million injections, equivalent to 96% of the data entered on the vaccination management platform. So, there are more than 8 million injections without data entry.

In this case, Mr. Do Truong Duy, Director of the Department of Information Technology, said that accurately verifying public information on the vaccination management platform is the most important requirement for the issuance of vaccine passports. The Information Technology Department continues to develop and review information for immediate dissemination nationally, and at the same time coordinate with units to prepare plans for the 4th injection and to vaccinate children aged 5-11 years. .

Vietnam vaccine passport form.  Photo: Write Mr.

Vietnam vaccine passport form. Photo:Write Obedience

Since late 2021, Vietnam has been working to develop an electronic Covid-19 injection certificate to prepare for the return of international visitors. The Vietnam vaccine passport has 11 information about the carrier, the amount and type of vaccine injected, and the certificate code. Information is digitally signed, encrypted and packaged as a 2D QR code. The QR code on the vaccine passport expires 12 months from the date of origin.

On March 15, Vietnam was open for tourism, international visitors to enter only need a negative nCoV test result by PCR or rapid test, medical statement, use of PC-Covid and no isolation.

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