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Jessica Alba’s workout secret, anyone can do it-Beauty

Tuesday, March 22, 2022 12:30 PM (GMT+7)

The exercise routine of star actress Jessica Alba is probably something many of us want to adopt ourselves.

Not only shining on the screen, Jessica Alba is also famous for appearing on the red carpet, even just walking around Los Angeles with her family is enough to make the public admire.

Ramona Braganza, her longtime coach has revealed interesting secrets. Training together for more than two decades, since Jessica was 17, their training focus and schedule has evolved from preparing for her movie roles to getting pregnant.

Jessica Alba's workout secret, anyone can do it - 1

Jessica Alba has been practicing hard since she was 17 years old.

Ramona explains: ‘COVID-19 has disrupted many people’s usual exercise routine, so Jessica’s goal now is to get back to a regular workout schedule, maintain weight and muscle, and use exercise as a way to reduce stress’.

1. Jessica Alba applies a suitable workout schedule

It’s important not to put unnecessary boundaries between you and your workout. We all have to do it, but Jessica is too busy. And to prevent that, she alternates mornings (7am) ​​and evenings (6pm), five times a week. So far, this regimen has worked very well for her. It not only suits her career but also allows her enough time to spend with her husband, daughter and son.

Jessica Alba's workout secret, anyone can do it - 2

She arranges a workout schedule to fit her busy life.

2. Alternating morning and evening exercise

Ramona says: ‘Alternating evening and morning is a good idea, and also allows you to restore your health properly. Studies show that both have different benefits, with one study showing that exercising in the morning boosts sugar and fat metabolism, while others showing that working out in the evening uses Using less oxygen can encourage higher efficiency.

3. Mix your workouts

“To keep working out interesting for Jessica, I combine endurance training in a variety of ways,” says Ramona.

Specifically, Ramona followed her 321 training approach with Jessica, combining bursts of cardio with strength training sessions.

4. Keep the warm-up fun

It’s easy to skip warm-ups because they can be boring, but they’re also essential to preventing injury. Ramona and Jessica Alba do a lot of things, including sun salutations and dances, to keep the atmosphere fun.

It should come as no surprise, but music can be a great motivator to keep up your workout routine. ‘We always listen to music,’ Ramona revealed.

Jessica Alba's workout secret, anyone can do it - 3

Music is a great motivator for Jessica to practice.

6. Give yourself time to relax

It’s not worth pushing yourself if that’s not what you feel like doing. Ramona explained: ‘Sometimes the gym just doesn’t go to Jessica Alba’s liking, we’ll go out and walk in the hills near our house. Getting out of the gym and into nature means fresh air and daylight will help you relax and have a peaceful sleep’.

7. Don’t overlook the mental benefits

‘Jessica doesn’t just exercise to maintain muscle and strength, she knows what happens when stress is reduced in a healthy way. Between sessions, ‘the sea salt bath, massage and meditation all help her relax, as well as spend time with friends during her recovery days,’ Ramona said.

Maintain a healthy diet

Nutrition is something Jessica Alba does herself because she knows her body well. She makes sure she eats healthy and stays hydrated. Jessica keeps things simple: cook with whole foods, such as lean protein and fresh vegetables, and choose nuts or dried seaweed when she feels like something salty, choose fruit if she craves sweetness .

Jessica Alba's workout secret, anyone can do it - 4

Jessica Alba’s well-proportioned body is the result of training.

Allowing to change exercise during pregnancy

Ramona said: ‘Jessica Alba’s biggest physical challenge was during and after her first pregnancy because it was something new for her body to get used to. We focused on some exercise to keep her physically fit during childbirth’. Ramona’s 12-week program supported Jessica after giving birth to daughter Honor in 2008.

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