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Mother-in-law lives with us without helping us

Recently, while eating I felt uneasy, thinking about divorce.

You and I have known each other since we were students. Our love is like many other couples, sweet, angry and jealous. After graduating from school, the two got a job and talked about marriage. I am a provincial child. I am a Hanoian, an only child, my father died early, there are only two children in the family. He wanted me to stay, I refused. Angry, I want to break up. I comforted her, telling her that I would rent a house near my mother to take care of her if she was sick. I agree, we got married.

Husband and wife work in two different companies, but they have regular office hours, lunch at the company, breakfast and dinner at home. We often cook together, one day I took care of the kitchen. Maybe his wife is in town so he doesn’t work too hard. I can cook myself, but my wife never cooks. The same goes for chopsticks after eating, we do it together or I do it alone. Sometimes I teased her, saying that when her husband wasn’t around, sometimes his wife couldn’t cook and eat. She laughed and said that if she didn’t have a husband, she would go home to eat with her mother. Working for several years, saving and borrowing, my wife and I bought an apartment. Wife wants mother to live with him there. At that time my wife was pregnant, I thought it was very good, so I agreed.

We had to borrow a lot to buy a house, worried about the future of our children and the family’s economy. In addition to working time at the company, I accept other work to do at home at night. Mother-in-law moved, I thought someone would take care of food and water for the couple, so I feel happier. But my joy quickly turned to sadness. He hardly did anything. My wife was pregnant, her stomach was heavy and heavy, so she didn’t do anything. I take care of the food for the whole family and do the housework. Working in the company during the day, when I come home from work, I take care of the housework, and at night I work overtime to earn extra income. I started to feel depressed and tired. There was a time when I wanted to talk to my wife, let her talk to her mother, hoping she would help with the housework, but I was shy and didn’t know how to say it.

>> Mother-in-law is wondering about living with us

When my wife gave birth, my mother moved to live with me, and all the housework passed from me to her. As much as I loved my mother, I found her mother-in-law to blame. On that full moon day, my wife and I invited uncles from inside and out to join in the fun. The day I felt happiest, my mother-in-law made me angry. During the meal, he told everyone that he had some gold trees that he had collected, and gave them to my husband and I to buy a house. She told me that her daughter’s age, all married and moved to the original city house, have a house with a car, have food to eat, have maids to take care of food and water, market, no, no. who was as hard and miserable as his son. People look at me and say I am happy, getting married is like getting gold. I laughed, annoyed but tried to stay calm.

Then I asked my wife about her mother’s gold tree, and she said yes. I blame you for not saying anything. She blamed me instead, saying that without her mother’s money, the couple would have had a harder time, but had nothing to say. Tell me, there is no other money to replace it, it’s still money from a bank loan, here it is ‘mother’s money is better?

Day after day passed, life was still the same. When my birth mother is abroad, when the family has someone to help me, I have time to rest. Otherwise, I’m pretty tired. There is a day off, Sunday, I take my children to play. Towards noon, when I got home, I saw my mother-in-law watching TV, and my wife holding her cell phone and browsing social networks. When I returned, my wife told me to give the children to her brother to keep, while I went to pick vegetables and cook rice. Those were the days when I really felt life was sour. Mother-in-law and wife, two women at home but waiting for me to return to the kitchen to take care of food and water.

I once hinted at telling my sister my story, of course saying it’s yours to get her opinion. She says how can any man live like that, don’t make up for it, work hard at home and still get scolded by his husband. I once spoke frankly with my wife, she just laughed. The wife told her mother to live together so that the husband and wife would take care of her, not her who would take care of me and my wife. He says he loved each other in the past, I said later the couple will take care of their mother. I said that I will take care of my mother when she is old and weak, sick, now she is healthy, she has to help her children with household matters. I rudely said to my wife: “When you are healthy, you don’t have to worry about your children and grandchildren, later when you are sick, do you ask your children to take care of them?” I had to go to work at the company, come home to take care of food and water, and get a part-time job at night, very tired. My wife blamed me, saying that she never asked me to take a home job and work part time at night. It was at night, that’s when I got the job myself. Then I suddenly ended the conversation. A few days later, I don’t know what my wife said to my biological mother, but when I came home from work, my mother went to the kitchen to get vegetables, cook rice, and after eating, she also did the dishes. .

I was happy for a few days, then one day he was on the phone with someone on the phone. She deliberately spoke loudly for the whole family to hear, thinking that she was miserable, her husband died early when she was young, raised children, took care of her daughter little by little, now her eldest daughter has to marry a husband who doesn’t. good. I listened to every word he said and was very sad. Hope to share with you.


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