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Mr. Kadyrov is ‘famous’ only after President Putin in Ukraine, but immediately met with a big shock


According to the Guardian (UK), Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine is mainly the war of President Putin, but if there is a second person whose name and reputation is associated with this event, it is the war. is the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov.

Chechen fighters were part of the first wave of attacks on Ukraine, and suffered heavy casualties in the area around the Hostomel (or Gostomel) airbase, in which a key commander was killed. network [Những thông tin này chưa được phía Chechnya thừa nhận].

Western intelligence further alleges that elite Chechen detachments were recruited to assassinate Ukrainian leaders during the first 48 hours of the offensive but failed.

Over the past few days, Kadyrov’s fighters have appeared among the forces carrying out the siege of the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol.

The Chechen leader himself recently even posted a video on social media (below) and claimed it was a strategy session filmed in a basement bunker in Ukraine. Mr. Kadyrov used the video to talk about his “personal trip” to Ukraine.

Ukraine’s intelligence services say the video is likely fake, and was actually filmed in Chechnya. Intelligence from the phone and the internet shows that Mr. Kadyrov has never been to Ukraine. Even President Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov refused to confirm the video, saying the Kremlin had “no data” about the trip Kadyrov may have taken to Ukraine.

According to the Guardian, Mr. Kadyrov seems to see the military campaign in Ukraine as an opportunity to strengthen his power and reputation. Sending troops to Ukraine is a way for the Chechen leader to demonstrate his loyalty to the Russian president. Putin’s patronage is the basis of Kadyrov’s power.

He (Kadyrov) needs Russia and the support of President Vladimir Putin.” – Expert Emil Solomon Aslan from the Institute of Political Studies at Charles University in Prague commented – “That’s why Kadyrov wants to show his absolute loyalty, to show that he is a useful person who can come and do great things.“.


Chechen fighters are an irregular force that Russia can deploy. However, conflicts between Chechen commanders and Russian intelligence have always persisted after encounters, for example a recent video showing Chechen fighters using feminine words to mock a leader. FSB [Tổng cục an ninh Liên bang Nga] is male.

In other videos, Chechen fighters emphasize that they are under the command of Mr. Kadyrov, not in the Russian military hierarchy.

Unlike the Russian forces, the Chechens carry cell phones, post them on social media and call the conflict a war, ignoring the Kremlin’s claim that it is a “special military operation”. “.

Their prominent role was to honor Mr. Kadyrov’s achievements, demonstrating to the public how dependent a great power’s army was on the Chechen militant group.

This month, Mr. Kadyrov also launched an Arabic-language channel on Telegram, seemingly to capitalize on that prominence. This is an ambitious move for the leader of a small, non-Arabic region of Russia.

For President Putin, the Chechen leader has brought in experienced fighters, trained in trench warfare against insurgents and in street skirmishes. [điều tương tự đang diễn ra tại một số thành phố ở Ukraine]. The reputation of the Chechen warriors in this respect was a “weapon”.

Mr. Kadyrov has had a long history of so-called ‘purification operations’. His fighters can be used as a psychological tool against moderate Ukrainians” – Aleksandre Kvakhadze, a researcher at the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, said.

Therein lies the hidden threat: If you don’t surrender, you may end up with a fate similar to the peaceful cities of Georgia and Chechnya.” – Mr. Kvakhadze warned – “In addition, the old generation of Chechen warriors participated for some periods in the defense of Grozy in the two wars against Russia.

Therefore, Russian commanders believe that in this respect, Kadyrov’s men have skills that can be useful in Ukraine, especially during sieges like Mariupol.“.

The video of the Chechen forces in Mariupol was posted by Mr. Kadyrov on his personal Telegram channel.

Many Chechens felt that the Russian military campaign was a badly planned war in its early days, which cost them heavy losses, including the loss of a senior commander. As a result, they now appear to be more focused on a media war, aimed at promoting recruits and strengthening their leader.

Video and data shows most Chechen forces are at least 20km from the front lines, the only thing they do is shoot videos promoting recruits in Chechnya and promoting Kadyrov’s warrior image, as well as Kadyrov’s image as a fighter. his forces.

They are trying a lot to mobilize ‘volunteers’, offering very good financial rewards for participation, but the information on Telegram and the leaked data shows that it is not successful.” – Guardian commented.

Kadyrov had another reason to fight. Side by side with Ukrainian forces are now at least two brigades consisting of members of the Chechen community who want to oppose Kadyrov. The Chechen leader needs to show his domestic and foreign opponents his strength, while keeping his forces intact to maintain his position.

Kadyrov appears to have been shocked by the range of Ukrainian resistance, and it is likely that dozens, if not hundreds, of his gunmen were killed. Kadyrov has a very large army, about 12,000 men, but to stay in power, he needs to keep that number of warriors.” – Expert Aslan commented.

If they take too much serious damage in Ukraine that could backfire for Kadyrov. This is also a factor that could explain some rumors that the Chechen leader has withdrawn some of his forces.“, says expert Aslan, “Mr. Kadyrov wants to show that he is a tough leader of tough fighters who are willing to sacrifice themselves. However, I’m not sure if they’re willing to give up their lives“.


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