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National football teams receive medical support for 3 years

General Secretary of the Vietnam Football Federation Le Hoai Anh said: With good facilities, a team of experts and leading doctors, constantly applying the world’s latest treatment methods along with the quality of our services. Vinmec medical system, Vietnam Football Federation believe that the cooperation program to support injury treatment for players will create breakthrough values ​​in medical work at national teams, contribute to helping the players compete to achieve the best results in international tournaments in the coming time.

Professor, Dr. Do Tat Cuong, Chairman of the Clinical Advisory Council of Vinmec Health System, said that according to the cooperation agreement, within at least 3 years (2022-2024), Vinmec will sponsor the examination and examination. Medical examination, professional consultation and treatment for injured national team members during concentration, practice and competition. Vinmec will also support training and guiding medical staff of the teams on professional and technical processes; sending doctors to serve the team in training activities and competitions at international tournaments. The fact that Vinmec accompanies the Vietnam Football Federation in providing medical care to the players of the national team, in order to contribute to the development of football in particular and Vietnamese sports in general.

In addition to treating injuries for competition, the two sides also cooperate in research and professional training in sports medicine. Vinmec currently owns a Center for Orthopedic Trauma and Sports Medicine, which is heavily invested in technology such as 3D Technology in Medicine (Research Center for 3D Technology in Medicine), Motion Analysis Lab (research and analysis room). moving) first in Vietnam, on a par with the region and the world…

In recent years, Vietnamese football has strongly integrated with the general development of international football, achieving remarkable results, including many outstanding achievements. Specifically, the outstanding national U20 team won the right to attend the 2017 FIFA U20 World Cup Finals; The national U23 team won the runner-up at the 2018 Asian U23 Championship; The national futsal team has twice participated in the FIFA Futsal World Cup Finals (2016 and 2021); The men’s national team reached the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final Qualifiers for the first time; The national women’s team won the right to compete in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final Round for the first time….

However, behind the high achievements, the reality of injuries in the training and competition activities of the players is also a problem for the Vietnam Football Federation. Therefore, medical work has always received special attention from the Federation through key investments in personnel and equipment. The signing of a cooperation agreement with Vinmec to treat injuries for national team players is considered a new step in improving the quality of medical work for the teams, helping the Federation be more active in the field of health care. solutions to prevent, support the treatment of injuries, ensure the health of the players.

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