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No need to observe much, if you find that children have these 3 “bad habits”, it proves that their IQ is very high

Wednesday, March 23, 2022 01:00 AM (GMT+7)

These 3 characteristics in the eyes of some parents are bad habits of their children, but in fact it is a sign of smart children.

1. Children love to play

Renowned Chinese professor Li Meijin once said: “What all geniuses have in common is focus.”

No need to observe much, if you find that children have these 3

When children are immersed in their own world such as when playing with toys, reading books… they are usually very focused and not easily disturbed by the outside world. Even when other people talk or ask children to do something, they do not hear anything. At this time, parents should not interrupt or distract the child’s concentration.

2. Likes dismantling things

The hand is considered by scientists as the “second brain of the body”. House education Montessori also believed that, if a child has good functioning hands, their brain will also develop better. In the process of movement, hands, eyes, and brain will work together, helping to activate brain cells, helping the brain develop strongly.

No need to observe much, if you find that children have these 3

A child who loves to dismantle toys and rummage through boxes shows that their hands and brains are working very well. Parents can help their children by buying some educational toys such as building blocks, puzzles, flip books, stickers, etc. In addition, parents can expose their children to sounds. music, piano practice, or other finger exercises.

3. Talks a lot, often argues with parents

Children speak clearly and clearly, which shows that their language skills are very good, positive thinking, rich imagination. If a child can express speech clearly and logically, making it impossible for a parent to repeat it, that is extremely good for them.

No need to observe much, if you find that children have these 3

Children are often curious about everything, asking many questions that make it difficult for adults to show that they have a well-developed brain and are eager to learn.

When you see your child asking a lot of strange questions, parents should not be hasty but need to be more patient. Faced with children’s questions, try to answer in a logical and simple way for the child to understand.

Parents enthusiastically answering their children’s questions will help children become more interested in new things.

Some studies have found that 0-8 years old is the golden age of children’s intellectual development. At this stage, parents should be more enthusiastic in answering children’s questions, creating a foundation for children’s passion for learning later.

How can parents create the right environment for their children’s intellectual development?

Parents need to give their children a comfortable growing space, so that they can grow up at their own pace. There is no one educational method that can be applied to all children, parents need to clearly define their child’s characteristics and create a targeted development environment conducive to the development of their imagination. imagination and creativity.

No need to observe much, if it is found that children have these 3

Encouraging children to do more is beneficial to improving their hands-on ability. Although a child’s life experience is limited, a lot of practice can allow a child to take in stimuli from the environment. This is beneficial for the expansion and enrichment of the neuronal network in the brain.

Respecting a child’s developmental characteristics can allow parents to see a different side of their child. Parents should not make inaccurate judgments about children because of their subjective perception.

In addition, if parents deny what the child does, it can limit the child’s development potential. Pointless comparisons have the potential to lower a child’s IQ.

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