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“Not expensive for shows but expensive for other shows”

Only officially entered showbiz not long ago, but now, Hien Ho joined the showbiz rich people when showing off that he had just bought a luxury car worth 13 billion VND.

This is also a pet model that many Vietnamese stars like Cuong Do La, Ngoc Trinh, Son Tung… choose to own. Many people have also wondered how much sand Hien Ho has earned over the years that she can afford to buy such a luxury supercar.

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Hien Ho from 4 years ago: I'm also expensive.  Not expensive shows but expensive other shows - Photo 1.

Hien Ho with a luxury car worth 13 billion VND

In an interview in 2018, Hien Ho once received a question about having enough money to take care of a lot of things for music and life, but in reality, it’s not as expensive as many other singers.

Talking about this, Hien Ho shared: “I’m also expensive for shows. I’m not expensive for shows, but I’m expensive for other shows. I save it, don’t go out, don’t have coffee. I’m frugal and don’t meet a lot of people, don’t go out. a lot of.

It’s not that I don’t want or don’t have money, but I want to focus on music more. I want to spend all the time I have on music. Thanks to that, I save more money.”

Clip Hien Ho shares about not having as many shows as many other singers

Hien Ho affirmed: “I’m also expensive for shows. It’s not expensive for shows, but I’m expensive for other shows too.”

The female singer said that she is usually very frugal, so she has enough money to spend on music and life

The reply to Hien Ho’s “expensive show” made the online community wonder about her “It’s not expensive for the show, but it’s expensive for the other shows” What does mean. Currently, the clip was recorded in 2018 but is currently being shared widely on social networks.

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