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Often accused of adultery by her husband even though there is no evidence-Young man

Wednesday, March 23, 2022 00:10 AM (GMT+7)

Leaving home to work away from her husband is often accused of adultery by her husband, he has repeatedly sent threatening messages to her.

Often accused by her husband of adultery without evidence - 1


Qing got married in Shanghai, China. To earn a living, she left her hometown to work. However, from there, Chen threatened to harm his wife, one of which read: “I will make you disabled so that no one wants to be with you anymore”.

According to Qing’s account, she was kidnapped by her husband from the factory where she worked in Suzhou, Jiangsu province and brought to an apartment in Pudong, Shanghai. Qing’s aunt said that although she was dragged away by her husband, some people saw her, but no one intervened because they thought this was an “internal family” conflict.

After a heated argument, Chen angrily slashed his wife’s hand and fingers, Shanghai Daily reported.

Doctors tried to reattach Qing’s hand before midnight on August 30, but were unsuccessful. Qing’s mother has passed away, while her father is struggling to earn money for his son’s treatment.

Meet blind jealous people, how to avoid?

Blind jealous people always think that their lover, life partner is their property, so they don’t let anyone intrude. Even some people have broken up, but that thought still resides in their heads.

In relationships, this blind jealous person often compares and thinks that he is better than any other opponent and that no one can love his lover more than himself. At the same time, jealousy often comes from feeling uncertain and insecure about a woman’s feelings for him.

Blind jealousy is overwhelmed by negative emotions, they often hate all friends of the opposite sex when having sex with their lover, even those they know. They do not distinguish right – wrong, right – left, always causing a feeling of suffocation, discomfort in the emotional relationship between two people.

Blind jealousy also leads to paranoia, as many people mistakenly believe that blind jealousy will have the effect of protecting the happiness of the couple, but it is just ignorance and blindness. They often have low self-esteem, guilt when being broken up or having a third person interfere. Blind jealousy often leaves people in an emotional state of pessimism, insecurity, anxiety and easily falling into a state of hatred.

Often accused of adultery by her husband without evidence - 2


Blind jealous people often have the mentality of wanting to control all of their partner’s actions and often “show” all other objects to be inviolable, the most obvious manifestation of blind jealousy. blind. All of your partner’s every move wants to be under absolute exclusive control, where you go, what you do, and who you talk to are monitored.

Thus, making your partner suffocated, frustrated, and distrustful. When it culminates in dehumanizing acts. Jealousy easily leads to violent acts, excessive jealousy easily creates violent acts in men.

Especially when losing control of one’s jealousy and disappointment or distrust add more fuel to the fire, some manifestations such as throwing acid, killing one’s partner by dehumanizing actions such as dismembering, forcing mates must die with…

Therefore, in order to maintain a healthy and sustainable relationship, both trust and respect each other. If your partner is prone to jealousy, here are some first steps you can take to try to correct the situation:

Gently, have a frank talk with your partner about the signs of extreme jealousy he/she is exhibiting. Let your partner know your feelings and thoughts when you are the victim of stupid jealousy games and listen to the other person’s share to understand why he/she is so jealous.

Besides talking, you should reassure your lover or explain to them the root of the problem. From here you will find a solution so that the problem does not happen again next time.

Let the person know how you want to be treated and ask them not to get too involved in your relationships with friends, colleagues, or work.

The two of you need to compromise on what to do and what not to do. For example, you should not go out alone with friends of the opposite sex or not with friends including ex-lovers…

By setting boundaries and compromising with each other, it will partly limit the guesswork and anxiety that leads to anger and jealousy.

However, if you find that you did nothing wrong and that the person is just exaggerating the situation, ask them not to repeat the silly behavior again.

Sometimes he/she gets jealous thinking that you don’t love them enough or that you might fall in love with someone else. Then, take action to show them how much you love that person, so that he or she has no reason to be jealous anymore.

Jealousy is a dangerous emotion that can take over your mind, destroy relationships, and even in severe cases lead to murder. Therefore, it is important for you to distinguish whether you or your partner shows excessive jealousy and find ways to overcome it.

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