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Prodigy Indian Prophecy Issues Warning About April 13 and the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict

Anand Abhigya hailed as a child prodigy prophesy India, has repeatedly accurately predicted world events thanks to its astrological abilities. Recently, this 16 year old child prodigy posted a video on his Youtube page to remind people to be careful with some issues in the near future.

In his video, Anand Abhigya says that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is not only very detrimental to local people but also has an impact on the whole world. The hostile situation that is happening in Ukraine today can happen in any other country tomorrow, if we are not careful, there could be a war on a world scale, it even risks leading to war, a third world war.

Anand Abhigya stressed that in the near future, there are 3 most serious problems that the world will face: epidemic outbreaks, geopolitical problems and energy crisis. It will affect every country, every person around the world.

The miracle of the Indian prophet issues a warning about the coming April 13 and the Russo-Ukrainian conflict - 1

Therefore, the wonder of India also gives 5 warnings to people about the future political, social and life situation:

First, Anand Abhigya said that people should be careful with the deteriorating geopolitics marked by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the outbreak of food crises in other regions related to Ukraine.

Second, be careful with inflation, energy crisis, rising oil prices and other related problems. Third, on April 13, 2022, people must pay attention to investment and consumption, need to be moderate when shopping, and avoid buying unnecessary goods.

Fourth, Anand Abhigya advised the public to be careful with the movement of the wealth map. Finally, be aware of the negative effects of the Karasalpa Yoga phenomenon and Mars’ relationship with Saturn.

It should be noted that the Center for Global Development, an American think tank, has shown that a conflict between Russia and Ukraine will trigger a spike in food and energy prices, push more than 40 million people into food and energy crises, and even lead to hunger and shortages. Amazingly, Anand Abhigya correctly predicted this in early 2021, when he spoke of a possible global food shortage crisis.

Previously, Anand Abhigya also correctly predicted the Russia-Ukraine conflict. From July 2021, India’s miracle prophet predicts severe geopolitical tensions between 10 December 2021 and May 2022, especially between March 2022 and May 2022. April 2022: “There will be a geopolitical crisis that can shake the world”.

Abhigya Anand was born in 2006, known as a child prodigy with more intelligence than humans. The boy has completed a postgraduate diploma in Ayurvedic Microbiology (PGDAM) and is also the youngest graduate of this degree in the country. Currently, the boy is conducting astrological research at doctoral level in finance at Divya Jyothi University of Astrology. Abhigya Anand has memorized the Hindu sutra “Bhagavad Gita” and is fluent in English, Sanskrit, Tamil, Sindhi, Hindi and Kannada.

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