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Refreshing tourism products is an important goal of Da Nang

Answering an interview about the new direction of city tourism after the opening day, Vice Chairman of Da Nang City People’s Committee Tran Phuoc Son affirmed that the goal of “refreshing” tourism products and services plays a very important role. important to Da Nang tourism at this time.

– Da Nang tourism has reopened since the end of 2021, but so far it has not really flourished as expected. What do you think is the cause of this situation?

As we all know, the COVID-19 epidemic, which has lasted so far with no sign of ending, has been causing serious damage to businesses and tourism workers. Accordingly, tourism activities when reopening depends greatly on the development and ability of domestic and international disease control, travel policies and mutual recognition of “vaccine passports”.

Da Nang will reopen tourism activities in the city, focusing on a number of key tasks, which are: preparing human resources and ensuring service quality; prepare new products; security and safety to serve guests and communication of destinations, promotion of market exploitation.

In particular, the preparation of new products and upgrading of existing products are being paid attention by the city, through the removal of difficulties and obstacles for key tourism projects, motivation, research and application. a number of pilot mechanisms to exploit and develop new products/services, prioritizing public investment resources to invest in infrastructure for tourism in the short and long term.

At the same time, the city is in dire need of the cooperation and contribution of investors and businesses in order to soon deploy and put into operation tourism projects, contributing to fast, strong recovery and development. sustainable tourism in the city.

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Vice Chairman of Da Nang City People’s Committee Tran Phuoc Son surveyed Ba Na Hills.

– Recently, at a meeting at Ba Na Hills, City Secretary Nguyen Van Quang expressed his wish that tourism businesses need to renew old products and create new values ​​to increase the attractiveness of tourists. Da Nang tourism. So in your opinion, how important is the goal of “refreshing” tourism products and services for Da Nang tourism at this time?

In addition to the criteria of security, safety, convenient transportation, hospitality, and a healthy environment, the attractiveness of tourism products, especially new products/services, will create benefits. competitive advantage for the destination, attracting repeat visitors again and again. Therefore, the goal of “refreshing” products and services plays a very important role in Da Nang tourism.

We identify this as a key task of all levels, branches and districts through directing and operating measures, incentive mechanisms, and mobilizing resources for tourism development. At the same time, this is also the most important responsibility of tourism businesses, to generate revenue and achieve business efficiency.

The city always encourages and creates favorable conditions for businesses to expand investment in order to increase the attractiveness of Da Nang tourism.

For Ba Na Hills, this is a key and very unique destination of Da Nang, therefore, the city’s leaders have directed and supported investors to actively invest in unique quality products and services, accelerate the renovation, expansion and organization of new services to meet the increasing demands of tourists, affirming the brand name of Da Nang destination on the domestic and world tourism map.

– Recently, Sun World Ba Na Hills resort has officially opened to welcome guests after nearly 1 year of stopping the epidemic prevention activities. What are your expectations about the reopening of this destination?

Sun World Ba Na Hills has long been a destination contributing to attracting a large number of tourists to Da Nang. After a long time of closing, stopping to welcome guests due to the COVID-19 epidemic, many tourists must remember Ba Na Hills. We believe that, when Ba Na Hills reopens, it will definitely contribute to creating a big boost for Da Nang tourism to recover and break through.

– It is known that Sun Group has been focusing on investing in upgrading, renovating and renewing products and services at Sun World Ba Na Hills resort with a series of new projects. How do you rate Sun Group’s large-scale investment in Ba Na Hills and what does this mean for Da Nang?

We greatly appreciate the contribution as well as the continuous efforts to innovation of Ba Na Hills tourist area in particular and Sun Group in general to the city’s tourism industry.

It can be said that Ba Na Hills is one of the unique, different and professional destinations not only of Da Nang, but also of the whole country. With the investment of Sun Group, this resort always has a sense of innovation, changing its appearance, making breakthrough investments in products and services to continuously bring new experiences to visitors. .

Even in the days of stopping receiving guests, Ba Na Hills has taken advantage of its idle time to invest and upgrade a series of new products and projects to prepare for the return and bring many new experiences and values. for visitors.

This also has great significance for Da Nang tourism, especially in the current context when the city’s tourism is lacking new elements to attract tourists. We believe that, when Ba Na Hills perfects the products and services that they are cherishing and deploying, not only domestic tourists, but even international visitors to Da Nang will have to admire and admire. satisfied and satisfied.

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Sun World Ba Na Hills tourist area reopens to visitors from March 18.

– To build such a series of new projects, Sun World Ba Na Hills will take many years to complete and become a world-class park as expected. So are you concerned that, with a long time to implement the works, Ba Na Hills will hardly be able to bring the full experience to visitors, even reduce the number of visitors, invisibly reduce its attractiveness? competitiveness of Da Nang tourism or not?

At each moment, we need to have a certain priority to promote development. Preserve and inherit existing values, but also need to constantly promote and invest in development to make Da Nang more and more beautiful, attractive and new in the eyes of domestic and international tourists.

In order to ensure that visitors to Ba Na still enjoy the full experience and at the same time ensure the completion of new projects, Danang leaders had specific working sessions with Ba Na Hills to discuss discuss and come up with appropriate solutions.

In addition to investing in depth, renewing and diversifying products to increase the value and attraction of the tourist area, Ba Na Hill has prepared and is ready to organize exciting activities, events and activities. The show is invested with a high level of investment for visitors to have a quality experience.

– In the context that some destinations such as Phu Quoc, Quang Ninh, Thanh Hoa … are investing heavily in tourism, Da Nang tourism will prioritize and focus on promoting in the next period to “not be left behind.” behind”, sir?

Implementing the theme for 2022 is “The year of safe adaptation, flexibility, effective disease control and recovery, development economy – social”, the city will prioritize and focus on promoting the tourism sector, focusing on implementing solutions to soon restore tourism activities, promoting the reopening of international routes. directly to Da Nang, removing difficulties and obstacles of dynamic and key tourism projects to restore and accelerate tourism development, thereby recovering the city’s economic development.

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