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Remedies to support people after COVID-19 have a prolonged cough-Life Health

Tuesday, March 22, 2022 12:00 PM (GMT+7)

The prolonged cough easily makes the patient uncomfortable, miserable and needs to be treated promptly. Here is a Chinese medicine to support prolonged cough.

1. Why does the cough last?

Chronic cough is very common and has a significant impact on the patient’s life.

Cough can be caused by allergies to allergens, laryngitis, ear infections, bronchial cancer, blood pressure drugs…

One of the three most common symptoms of patients recovering from COVID-19 is a persistent cough, alongside shortness of breath or feeling short of breath and chest pain.

Remedies to support people after COVID-19 with prolonged cough - 1

The drug pylorus circuit in the lesson “Machine septum circuit” treats a prolonged cough.

Coughing is an essential reflex that protects against infection. Normally, when a virus or foreign object is detected, the sensory nerves will activate the cough sensor in the medulla oblongata of the brain, thereby activating the muscles around the respiratory tract to push the foreign object out. .

In COVID-19 patients, the virus may directly or indirectly target sensory nerves, as part of the infection, thereby triggering coughs.

Remedies to support people after COVID-19 with prolonged cough - 2

Sample medicine.

2. The remedy “Mai mon bam thang” helps to treat a prolonged cough

According to the book “Southern medical treatment” of TTTT, physician, DSCKII Nguyen Duc Doan has many effective remedies to support long-lasting cough, including the article “Mach mon bam thang”.

The composition of the remedy includes the following drugs: Circuit gate (remove core), mother mother, almond, death lily. Each flavor is 9g.

Usage and dosage: The flavors above add 300ml of water. Sac take 100ml of medicinal water divided and drink 2 times a day. Drink 1 month a day. Drink while the medicine is still warm.

Ruler: Long-term cough, difficulty breathing.

Explanation of the remedy:

– Circuit mon has soldering properties, sweet but also a bit bitter. The tubers are referred to as waste business, taste, and mind. Oriental medicine believes that circuit subjects help the body sedating, tonic, clearing heat and detoxifying, diuretic, beneficial essence – new fluid. Used in some remedies for constipation, coughing up blood, long-term cough or phlegm.

– The sample has great effect in dissipating phlegm, treating cough (laxative, except sputum, only sputum) and clearing heat because of its composition containing alkaloids. Therefore, it is a famous remedy of Eastern medicine and is applied in combination with Western medicine and other herbs to treat persistent coughs with phlegm.

Remedies to support people after COVID-19 with prolonged cough - 3

Deadly death.

– Almond is a medicine that works to treat cough, often included in the composition of cough remedies of Eastern medicine.

– The lily has a bitter-sweet taste, is mild in nature, is referred to as schizophrenia, is used to treat cough problems such as common cough, whooping cough, hemoptysis, bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis, has sputum expectorant effect. , anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, diuretic.

Note: The above remedy is for reference only, patients need to see a traditional medicine doctor for advice and prescription of medication suitable for their specific medical condition.

In addition, when having symptoms of a prolonged cough, the patient should go to the doctor to find out the cause of the cough, avoid self-medicating, will miss the opportunity to treat the disease in time, may experience many complications. unpredictable.

Prevention of prolonged cough: Appropriate exercise, reasonable diet, and creating a clean living environment are effective preventive measures in general and prolonged cough in particular.

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