Results of verification of the case that the head of the CA department in Lao Cai was accused of touching a woman’s “sensitive” place

On the afternoon of March 22, information with PV, Colonel Pham Gia Chien – Head of the Staff Department, Provincial Public Security Lao Cai said that the unit had the results of verifying the denunciations that Colonel Vu Van Cuong (Head of the Immigration Department of the Lao Cai Provincial Police Department) committed acts of misconduct. touch place “sensitive” of a woman.

According to Colonel Chien, for the content of accusing Colonel Cuong of abusing his position and authority to sexually harass, the investigating agency concluded that there was no basis. This result has been reported back to the applicants.

However, the Chief of Staff of the Public Security Department of Lao Cai province said that Colonel Cuong was determined to have violated ethical standards and codes of conduct and violated regulations that Party members were not allowed to do.

The police of Lao Cai province will make a file, consider and discipline Comrade Cuong for the above violations, according to the regulations of the Party and the industry.

Previously, talking to PV, Ms. VTH (32 years old, residing in Lao Cai city, Lao Cai province) said that around September 2018, due to the loss of her passport, she went to re-issue procedures.

During the process of working on the 1st floor, a department head appeared and asked her to go to the 2nd floor so that he could guide her privately.

After entering a private room on the 2nd floor, the head of the department acted as if he had known him for a long time, giving instructions, making jokes, and trying to approach and touch sensitive parts of her body. .

According to Ms. H.’s denunciation, the incident happened more than once, because during the passport renewal process, the head of the department repeatedly used excuses to make an appointment to see her next time.

After that, she took the initiative to record.

Sharing about the reason why the incident happened in 2018, but until now, she decided to speak up, she said, because before she thought she was the only one in such a situation. However, recently, Ms. H. accidentally read on a Facebook group of Lao Cai that there was an article accusing the head of the above department of doing the same thing to others, so she decided to denounce it.

Ms. H. said, there are currently a number of women contacted and said that they would speak with her about the behavior of the head of the department. nu-20220322165713266.htm

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