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Screenwriter Hoang Tich Chi ‘works hard on film’

The script “Hanoi baby” was born when the writer Hoang Tich Chi and his wife lived in the capital in 1972 “red on fire”.

Grandpa died on March 20, after a period of old age, at the age of 90. Ms. Hoang Thi Hoa, the artist’s second daughter, said that her father’s health had declined over the past three years. He had lung problems, high blood pressure, and was frequently in and out of the hospital. Before that, the screenwriter kept his mind clear. After retiring, he continued to write. He liked novels and manuscripts related to the epic, often sitting with difficulty to read piles of paper.

Portrait of screenwriter Hoang Tich Chi.  Give a family photo

Portrait of screenwriter Hoang Tich Chi. Photo: Family provided

In memory of the screenwriter’s daughter, the caring, gentle father, the one who taught and directed the children’s careers. At every meal, she would often tell stories about her days on field trips, make films, and explain strange stories to her children. When thinking of a new work, the artist no longer pays attention to anything, locking himself in the room. His wife often teases the children: “Your father is going to give birth to a new film”. She was one year younger than him, working in the textile industry. Even though she doesn’t understand her husband’s work, she looks after the family so that she can work safely. Sometimes, the grandparents get angry because he accidentally cleans up the manuscripts he throws away.

Among her four children, Ms. Hoa was the only one who did not follow the arts, and was advised by her father to study medicine. Seeing her children study hard, with minimal requirements to pose, whenever she goes on a business trip, she often buys beautiful clothes for her children. “My family is poor, but my father always looks after his children. Once, when he went to Ho Chi Minh City, when he came back, he gave me a purple chiffon shirt, a color I really liked. More than 40 years ago, when cloth and clothes were still there. When I was scarce, I felt like I was shining bright. Another time, he brought me a basket of red apples and a coat from Russia. I remember I even cut the apples into small pieces and shared them with friends.” said Ms. Hoa.

Screenwriter Hoang Tich Chi loves his work and puts all his heart into his work. He is often away from home, goes to practice, works for a long time. When the US bombed Hanoi in 1972, he allowed his children to take refuge in the Thay Pagoda, and lived with his wife in the city. Script Hanoi dear born of those difficult days.

He and director Hai Ninh are “a pair of identical cards”, accompanying many projects. Director Thanh Van, son of the late artist Hai Ninh, recalled: “My father was noisy and Uncle Tich Chi whispered, soft and calm. Whenever the two men sat together, we could only hear his voice. Perhaps thanks to that, the two men reconciled and worked in harmony. harmony.” When director Hai Ninh is not at home, screenwriter Hoang Tich Only helps you take care of your two children.

Folk Artist Tra Giang, Lam Toi, The Anh in the film Latitude 17 Days and Nights

Excerpt from the movie “Seventeen Days and Nights Latitude”. Videos: VFS

Folk Artist Tra Giang likened screenwriter Hoang Tich Chi to “a farmer who diligently plows the fields”. He remembers the late 1960s, to have scriptwriting material 17 parallel day and night, Hoang Tich Chi and director Hai Ninh drove hundreds of kilometers to Vinh Linh (Quang Tri). He said: “Young people today can’t imagine how old those bikes are. They hang around everywhere, meeting archetypal characters, taking notes and writing.” After finishing writing, Hoang Tich just had to go to the front to read and listen to feedback from the armed soldiers and police and finish the script. While holding the script given by Hai Ninh (at that time the project was also called line storm), Tra Giang cried while reading the story of her character – Tieu, secretary of the cell across the Ben Hai River. He thanked Hoang Tich Chi for remembering him back then, and together with the director, selected him to play the classic role.

At the 1973 Moscow International Film Festival, 17 parallel day and night won the World Peace Council award, Tra Giang also won the “Outstanding Actress” award. A few years later, when she gave birth to her first daughter, Hoang Tich Only visited her home, giving a gift was a new script called Hanoi baby. Vai Thu – Ngoc Ha’s (Lan Huong) mother – continues to help her make her mark in the golden age of revolutionary cinema.

Movie 'Hanoi Baby'

Excerpt from the movie “Seventeen Days and Nights Latitude”. Videos: VFS

Tra Giang carves the simplicity and closeness of Hoang Tich Chi. He often gives sincere advice on why to say so to a young actor, but still gives plenty of credit to motivate him to do the job. He admired him for his ability to write continuously for decades. The film had just ended, he rushed to write a new script and quickly finished it to send to the director. “Most screenwriters will run out of roles once filming begins. Because he is so passionate about the job, he often contacts the director and exchanges messages to ensure the message is right.” Outside 17 parallel day and night, Hanoi dear, Tra Giang also starred in the movie First love, Written by Hoang Tich Chi and directed by Hai Ninh.

For screenwriter Trinh Thanh Nha, an unspoken artist is a symbol of a serene lifestyle. He silently observed, thought and wrote. Therefore, most of his works are in a narrative style, such as stories of the heart. Trinh Thanh Nha said: “The images she chose were all modern, realistic and for the future. A gentle and gentle sister with the strength of steel in front of the enemy in battle. 17 parallel day and night, one Hanoi girl clearly, with the fragile sound of a violin being the counterweight to the thousands of tons of bombs and bullets that fell on my hometown, on my family… All these images contain a simple but powerful philosophy. desire for peace and love”.

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