SEA Games 31: Quang Ninh is expected to welcome nearly 1800 officials, coaches and athletes

As planned, Quang Ninh will welcome nearly 1800 officials, coaches and athletes to compete at SEA Gams 31. In recent years, the Organizing Committee has focused on strengthening the organization of programs and activities in response to the SEA Games. 31, communicating and promoting events associated with tourism, including developing a launch plan for the 31st SEA Games photo contest in Quang Ninh.

Currently, Quang Ninh has arranged a place to eat and sleep for the Organizing Committee and the athletes and coaches with over 3,000 rooms in all the venues. Propaganda, reception and celebrations were quickly deployed by the Organizing Committee of the 31st SEA Games in Quang Ninh. Currently, more than 500 banners with the SEA Games logo have been hung up; 80 sets of panels at the competition venues and along the main roads in the province. In addition, to ensure information and communication work, the Organizing Committee of SEA Games 31 of Quang Ninh has installed a 4G – 5G network system at the competition venues.

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5000-seat gymnasium – the venue for the 31st SEA Games men’s and women’s volleyball

For the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Health and Doping Subcommittee of Quang Ninh province develops a detailed plan, assigns specific branches and facilities for medical examination and treatment. Especially measures to prevent and control the epidemic to best control and ensure the safety of athletes and officials attending the event.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung – Deputy Director of Quang Ninh Department of Culture and Sports, Deputy Director of Quang Ninh Provincial Steering Committee: Quang Ninh is currently in the final stage of preparing facilities. Cam Pha Stadium has been repaired, upgraded the roof system, replaced the grass, and added necessary equipment. Where Volleyball is held, we have developed a plan to increase the lighting system to ensure indoor competition. For subjects such as Chess, Chess, we have reviewed the necessary conditions to continue to improve and meet progress requirements. We also set a goal to strive for the beginning of April to complete the auxiliary practice house for the groups coming to practice.

Mr. Tung also affirmed, SEA Games 31 is one of the important occasions to promote Ha Long Bay as well as the unique characteristics and people of Quang Ninh to domestic and international friends. The province has developed a detailed scenario for transporting delegations, sightseeing tours based on the model of disease conditions under control and received permission from the competent authorities.

7/40 sports competitions at SEA Games 31 were held in Quang Ninh, including:

1. Beach handball: Competition from May 6-11, 2022, at Tuan Chau International Tourist Area Beach with the participation of 232 people (14 International Referees, 42 Vietnamese Referees, 14 organizers, 126 athletes and 36 coaches).

2. Chess: Competed from May 10 to 21, 2022, at the Provincial Palace of Planning, Fair and Exhibition with the participation of 215 people (11 International Arbitrators, 30 Vietnamese Arbitrators,14 organizers, 140 athletes, 20 coaches).

3. Women’s football: Competition from 11 to 21/5/2022, at Cam Pha Stadium, Cam Pha city with the participation of 382 people (54 international referees, 30 organizers, 258 athletes , 40 coaches).

4. Indoor Volleyball: Competition from May 13 to 22, 2022, at the 5,000-seat multi-purpose gymnasium, Dai Yen ward, Ha Long city with the participation of 423 people (30 National Referees) international, 50 Vietnamese referees, 13 organizers, 245 athletes, 85 coaches).

5. Chess: Competed from May 14 to 20, 2022, at Legacy Yen Tu Resort, Uong Bi city with the number of participants 139 people (6 International Arbitrators, 32 Vietnamese Referees, 14 organizers, 70 athletes, 17 coaches).

6. Beach Volleyball: Competition from May 15 to 20, 2022, at Tuan Chau International Tourist Area Beach with 179 participants (22 International Referees, 50 Vietnamese Referees, 13 people) BTC, 79 athletes, 15 coaches).

7. Triathlon (Swimming, Running, Cycling): Competing from May 14 – 15, 2022, at Tuan Chau International Tourist Area with the participation of 156 people (19 International Referees, 40 people) Vietnamese referee, 14 organizers, 60 athletes, 32 coaches).

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