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Severe brain tumor but thought it was post-Covid-19

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On the morning of March 22, Children’s Hospital 2 in Ho Chi Minh City said that they had just received and treated a girl with a brain tumor that her family said was the result of her illness. Covid-19.

The baby’s grandmother said that the patient had Covid-19, after recovering, she had a headache and was vomiting, but at home, she thought it was post-Covid-19 so she didn’t take her to the doctor. After that, the baby got more and more headaches, his family just took him to the hospital, the front line doctors found a brain tumor, so he transferred him to the hospital.

Severe brain tumor but thought it was post-Covid-19 - 1

Baby girl with brain tumor still waiting for surgery

The girl was examined by the emergency team of Children’s Hospital 2 and was determined to have hydrocephalus blocked by a tumor (fluid in the brain is blocked, unable to circulate). The patient was operated on to put a drainage tube to release the compression and continued with another examination to survey the tumor before entering the treatment, because according to the doctor, it was more likely to be malignant. .

Doctors warn that there is a dangerous situation where many cases are mistakenly linked to post-Covid-19 cases. Be alert and exercise caution when identifying certain health problems in your child.

Please take your child to a specialized medical center for support, avoid listening to information that has not been scientifically verified, especially in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic. Many children come to the doctor when the disease is at an advanced stage and the treatment becomes much more complicated.

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