The Chinese plane plunged into the mountain at a speed of 560 km/h, hardly anyone was alive

Terrible images are believed to be from the plane crash in China

China Airlines Boeing 737-800 with number MU5735 crashed en route from Kunming to Guangzhou. Experts said the plane crashed from a height of nearly 9km down a mountainside, crumbled and created a large forest fire. There is no sign of any survivors from the tragic accident.

A rescue official said the plane was completely destroyed and a fierce fire broke out. Surveillance camera footage also captured the moment the plane plunged almost vertically.

Data from FlightRadar showed the plane lost altitude in just over two minutes. According to the collected data, the speed of the plane going down was about 10km/min, or about 560km/h.

The Chinese plane plunged down the mountain at a speed of 560 km/h, hardly anyone was alive - Photo 1.

At present, the cause of the problem cannot be determined. To know exactly what happened, one needs to search for two black boxes, including a black box that records the cockpit voice and a black box that stores the plane’s flight data and decodes it. However, some experts think that a loss of control may have been the reason for the plane’s descent.

The incident was so serious that Chinese President Xi Jinping had to speak out. The Chinese leader said he was “shocked” by the incident and immediately ordered an investigation into the cause of the accident.

“We were shocked to learn of the crash of flight MU5735 China Eastern,” state broadcaster CCTV quoted Xi as saying. The Chinese leader also called for “all efforts” to be focused on the rescue and found “the cause of the accident as soon as possible”. In addition, Mr. Xi also issued a directive “to ensure absolute safety for civil aviation activities”.

Another report said China Eastern has ordered all of its Boeing 737-800s to be decommissioned. FlightRadar24 says the airline has 109 planes in its fleet.

The crash hit Boeing stock and also FlightRadar24. Accordingly, Boeing shares fell 6.4% to $180.44. Meanwhile, news of the crash sent China Eastern Airlines shares down 6.5% in Hong Kong. In the pre-opening session of the US market, China Eastern Airlines shares fell 17%.

China has an aviation industry with very few fatal accidents. Meanwhile, the Boeing 737-800 is also a relatively safe aircraft model. It is the forerunner of the Boeing 737 MAX model, which caused a lot of notoriety after two catastrophic crashes due to technical errors. This aircraft has not yet been licensed to operate in China.

The last fatal accident recorded in China occurred in 2010, when 44 out of 96 people on board a plane died in the Henan Airlines incident. The plane that crashed was an Embraer E-190.

China’s deadliest plane crash was recorded in 1994 when a China Northwest Airlines Tupolev Tu-154 crashed en route from Xi’an to Guangzhou. The incident caused the plane to be completely destroyed and all 160 people on board died.

Reference: Reuters

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