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The emotional reunion of Vietnamese people in Russia

Ambassador Dang Minh Khoi listened attentively to the wishes of the people, explained the guidelines and policies of the Party and State, the Embassy of Vietnam and Russia in an effort to be determined to safely welcome all Vietnamese in the coming time. The war zone in Ukraine was evacuated to Russia.

Intimate lunch at the Embassy of Vietnam Russia with home-made dishes, also partly alleviated the sorrow of 18 Vietnamese people who still left their Ukrainian land, houses and many assets they diligently accumulated. almost a lifetime to get.

The emotional reunion of Vietnamese people in Russia
Vietnamese Ambassador to Russia Dang Minh Khoi took a photo with the family of Nguyen Thi Bich Van and her 3 children from Kharkov, Ukraine. (Source: Vietnam+)

Nguyen Thi Bich Van, a native of Hung Yen, living in the suburbs of Kharkov with her 3 children, said that her area is right next to the Russian border, so right from the first days of the conflict there was no electricity, no water, no electricity waves. phone.

With no other choice, she had to seek help from the commander of the Russian army and was taken by the Russian army by car across the border to a makeshift refugee camp on the outskirts of Belgorod, and then by the local community. Viet find and pick up Voronezh.

She said: “When I left, I just determined that I would take my children to avoid immediate danger, but I did not dare to think that I would receive such enthusiastic help wherever I went. Fortunately, wherever he went, he received help, including from soldiers and later a Russian refugee camp. The community in Voronezh is also very supportive and supportive. I can’t imagine being so lucky.”

Mr. Luu Van Truong, who has lived for 34 years in Kherson, said there are about 50 Vietnamese people left in Kherson city. The situation in the city is still quiet, only shelling on the edge of the city and until 16:00, they are not allowed to go out due to the curfew.

Truong shared: “After contacting the Vietnamese Embassy in Russia, people often receive phone calls to guide Kherson people to this side. At first, people decided to rent a car to go by themselves. In the evening, to prepare to leave tomorrow morning, I received news that the Embassy in the Russian Federation had contacted the Russian Defense Ministry to send a car to pick up people from the war zone. Traveling from Kherson with the support of the Russian military is very safe and convenient.”

Ms. Hoang Thi Van, who has lived 34 years in Ukraine, also from Kherson, expressed: “It is really moving, thanks to the Party, State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all staff of the Russian Embassy who have enthusiastically supported her. Our children evacuated safely. The Embassy, ​​in collaboration with the Krasnodar Provincial Association, organized meals, accommodation, and supported people to return to Moscow safely, which is very touching.”

In the Vietnamese group from Kherson, Mr. Pham Van Duan’s family has a 14-year-old daughter with Down syndrome. Mr. Duan’s nephew Pham Bao Quynh has always been cared for and cared for by the Embassy staff and the community.

Mr. Vu Son Viet, First Secretary of the Vietnamese Embassy in the Russian Federation said: “When conflicts broke out, the Embassy always maintained contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of National Defense, the hotlines of the Ministry of Defense. Russian defense to get clear information, evacuate people to Russia in the safest way.

The Vietnamese Embassy in Ukraine also cooperates very closely to bring Vietnamese citizens to Russia… The most difficult thing is probably getting the information to people because most of them live in underground shelters. There are places where there is no electricity, no water, no phone signal.

The emotional reunion of Vietnamese people in Russia
Intimate meal at Vietnam Embassy in Russia. (Source: Vietnam+)

The embassy can only transmit information orally through one person or another to reach relatives. Many times, people do not receive information about the gathering place to have a car to take them back to Russia. Safety during the evacuation was also difficult, and people from Kherson to Krasnodar were provided with military vehicles by the Russian side.”

Recounting the arduous journey to welcome the Vietnamese from the war city of Mariupol of the Vietnamese Embassy delegation in Russia recently, Mr. Vu Son Viet said: “In Rostov city, when the embassy delegation arrived, did not meet anyone. We picked up each car across the border and boarded each car to look for it, but there were no Vietnamese people. After that, we went to 2 refugee camps there, going to bed by bed to find out if there were any relatives, but unfortunately there was no one.”

Mr. Viet also said: “There are still some relatives stuck in Mariupol city, some have evacuated to the West to go to Poland… The embassy has left phone numbers at border gates to let them know. Whenever they see anyone who is Vietnamese, they will contact and the Embassy will immediately send someone to protect the citizens.”

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