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The first time successfully built a statue of Master Thien Phuoc with purple bronze material

The first time successfully built a statue of Master Thien Phuoc with purple bronze material
The process of creating the statue lasted for more than 2 years with much enthusiasm of the monks and nuns and the manufacturing unit. (Source: BTC)

Patriarch Thien Phuoc, with the name Mau Trau (1924 – 1986) was the founder of the Lien Tong Pure Land Non Bong sect. After obtaining the Dharma with Monk Thuong Buu Ha Duc at Buu Quang Pagoda (Nao Long Son, An Giang), where he prayed for the Dharma and achieved the Dharma of the Patriarch. In addition to preaching the Dharma, social charity works are particularly focused on by the Patriarch Thien Phuoc with the purpose of saving, helping the poor and helpless, making good vows to sentient beings. The compassionate heart of the Patriarch clearly demonstrated the positive incarnation spirit of Vietnamese Buddhism.

Throughout his life, the Master has demonstrated the style of a master who is strict and simple, with compassion and noble liberation. After a long journey of cultivating the Dharma to blossom, the Master’s Dao Karma left behind a massive legacy that is remembered in many ways. Particularly when it comes to the Non Bong Pure Land Lien Tong sect, the Master opened and contributed to the growth of a population with hundreds of monasteries and millions of followers everywhere.

The first time successfully built a statue of Master Thien Phuoc with purple bronze material
The ceremony to welcome and secure the statue of Duc Thien Phuoc was solemnly held. (Source: BTC)

Most Venerable Thich Giac Quang – Member of the Executive Council of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, Deputy Head of the Executive Board cum Head of the Sangha Department of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in Dong Nai Province, Head of the Management Board of Non Bong Pure Land ordination, The abbot of Quan Am Monastery said: “We are extremely pleased with the great merit of the abbot of Long Phuoc Tho pagoda, the monks and nuns have made the mind to create a statue of the Master.

In the past, we still worship but only through pictures, paintings, stone statues, cement statues… but not yet up to standard. Today, when I stand in front of the statue of the Master, I feel very happy and believe that the statue also partly represents the spirit of the Dharma that will last forever.”

After the dignified and solemn ceremony under the witness of the Three Jewels and in the presence of the great patriarchs, the presence of Zen monks, monks and nuns, 9 statues of 88cm high and 29 statues of 30cm high will be honored. Placed at Quan Am Monastery, Thang Lien Hoa Monastery, An Hoa Pagoda, Buu Hoa Ni Vien, Phap An Pagoda, etc., places of old age, ancestral houses, monasteries in monastic discipline as well as in the homes of Buddha’s disciples. death.



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