The golf course used to be the only secret domain of men, the most surprising thing is the close connection between the aristocratic sport and the scandalous affair.

In the early morning hours of a few days ago, it seemed that an electrical impulse had run through my brain, making me realize the similarities of carrying a stick to the field with human love and sex.

All are games of the mind and challenges of mother nature. Before pouting in denial, I have enough experience to prove to you that this statement is true, or at least reasonable.

It is the central nervous system that controls our desire for intimacy and love, not the heart. Golf too! When I was a young golfer, I was told by many experienced seniors that golf is an intellectual sport. You will never get the ball into the hole if you don’t know the wind speed and the slippery slope of the field, and the moisture of the sand.

And one of the things that excites golfers the most is that every game is a new challenge. The wind speed today will not be the same as yesterday. Humidity in the air or rainfall just a little up and down can create “seismic shocks” that affect the trajectory of the ball before they fall into the hole, or not. This challenge is doubled if you switch from one course to another.

In general, golfers need to get used to the ground and observe and calculate everything, just to put the ball in the right hole with the minimum number of strokes. Depending on the sharpness and experience, this familiarization process can be quick or long.

Now, think back to the times we won women’s hearts. Wind speed or humidity, precipitation is no longer important. They will be replaced by whether two people are compatible in terms of age, thoughts or interests. The field field turns into an exploration of each other’s minds. Love at any time, any age has to go through this stage.

After that, what are we going to do? Similar to the goal of hitting the ball in the hole with the minimum number of swings, I am sure no man likes to have humiliating accidents while he is with her on a hot journey. From the exploration of the mind, we move on to the journey to locate the opponent’s G-spots.

Every effort of exploration and observation, whether in love or on the golf course, has the same, almost unique goal: Minimum error, maximum success.

This is just my opinion – a golfer who hasn’t played for 2 decades to spend time and energy cultivating his second marriage.

You may not know: GOLF stands for “Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden”. Nowadays, things seem to have changed a lot. The golf course is no longer the domain of the gentlemen.

Success on the golf course may not be synonymous with success on the field, although they do have similarities. However, here are the undeniable health benefits of golf:

– Reduce stress.

– Enhance brain cell activity, improve memory.

– Improve sleep quality.

– Improve cardiovascular health.

During golf, players will have to actively walk more. This walk helps golfers practice endurance and improve their toned and stronger physique. mat-treaty-the-thao-quy-toc-voi-chuyen-ngua-ngu-ngu-ng-pung -20220322175227033.chn

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