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The MC of VTV frankly stated his opinion on the Hien Ho case

At the present time, if on social media appears a post with the keywords “Tuesday”https://soha.vn/”third person”https://soha.vn/”tieu tam”… Either way, there are thousands of likes and interactions. In fact, even before that, netizens have always been very sensitive to these phrases because, after all, no one can love a thick-skinned person who interferes with other people’s happiness.

Recently, MC Ngo Mai Phuong – a beautiful female MC of VTV, who is attached to the program Happy Lunch also expressed his thoughts on this “small tam” issue.

What does MC VTV say about the third person?

As a married person, the female MC insists that she will never support the story of minor tam and she bets that other women are the same. However, according to Mai Phuong, if you look at reality, it can’t be denied that there are a lot of adulterous men nowadays, which means that the minor tam will always exist.

“There’s only one thing I want to advise you, if you’ve spent someone else’s husband’s money, used the things that other’s husband bought for you, it’s best not to show it off. Don’t act as if It’s my own effort, because that way there will be a lot of people who are annoying.”Mai Phuong said.

Below the comment section, MC Happy Lunch Don’t forget to add a little line: “If you are given a house car, let’s go.”

An MC of VTV frankly stated: Tieu tam if her husband gives her a house, it's best to show off less - Photo 2.
An MC of VTV frankly stated: If Tieu Tam is given a car by her husband, it is best to show less - Photo 3.

Mai Phuong thinks that if you’ve done a minor, it’s best to “shrug it off”, don’t show it too much

Mai Phuong’s confessions have received a lot of sympathy from netizens:

– The law of cause and effect does not spare anyone, right?

– In general, if you eat clumsy, you have to know how to wipe your lips, do wrong things but still be proud of yourself, sooner or later you will have problems.

– I think this issue should be targeted and attacked men. The cause of all sins for many generations, women only blame minor tam and do not blame their husbands, so you guys are still cavalier.

– Unmarried girls are also not supportive.

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