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The mother covered the baby’s crib with a blanket, causing many people to panic

For breastfeeding mothers, the first time when a new baby is born must be the most difficult period, especially when the baby enters the crisis week. Forging a baby’s eating and sleeping habits is not easy, sometimes there are days when the child does not cooperate, causing the parents’ lives to be turned upside down.

That is why many mothers often share experiences to help their children fall asleep faster, the baby can sleep on time, and the mother also arranges time to do other chores. Recently, mother Giang Oi also shared her own way when May’s daughter (real name Thu An) has difficulty falling asleep, especially when it is morning.

Specifically, Giang Oi is training her children according to the Easy method. When baby May still couldn’t sleep for the reason that it was too bright outside, the mother-of-one devised a way to use a blanket to cover the baby’s crib so that the baby could see it was dark and fall asleep faster.

“For babies who have trouble sleeping due to light sensitivity or like Clouds who are busy looking around and refuse to sleep, parents can take gray cotton/bucket/linen (generally lightweight) towels. no pattern to cover the crib, the children will fall asleep faster”the mother shared.

The mother covered the baby's crib with a blanket, causing many people to panic, immediately asserting that the baby was sure to sleep better, but is it reasonable?  - Photo 1.

The picture startled many mothers, but the young mother quickly explained.

However, the image of a covered crib makes many mothers startled because the newborn is too small, leaving many things around the crib will potentially be dangerous to the baby. In addition, people worry that the towel may be too tight, making the baby have no space to breathe, or accidentally falling face down on the baby’s face will also be dangerous.

Immediately, the mother of one child explained: “Remember to use 4 clips to fix the 4 corners, to avoid the towel slipping into your child’s face, causing suffocation, which is very dangerous. Don’t worry about the towel being too tight, because if parents use light cotton/linen material like I just said, the edge of the towel will be have moderate coverage, enough to block out light but not block air.Avoid soft blankets, nylons or towels as it will be thick and tight.

The crib wall made of mesh is also a plus to help the baby breathe, avoid the risk of suffocation, SIDS in babies. Remember to use dark colored towels (dark blue, gray, brown) but not colorful and textured ones, lest they find it fun and make it harder to sleep.”

The young mother shared the reason why she covered the crib with a blanket.

Perhaps Giang Oi also studied carefully and anticipated possible dangers, so he carefully explained. Besides, the purpose of this is to avoid strong light or children who are too busy playing and refuse to sleep. Indeed, your baby will fall asleep easier when in an environment that is not too noisy, dark enough, and has a moderate room temperature.

If you want to apply this way, you absolutely must pay attention, should add a monitoring device to monitor your child 24/24. Besides, you can use some other ways such as darkening the room as much as possible, placing the child in the darkest light in the room… so that the child can fall asleep more easily. chan-ngu-good-hon-but-lieu-co-hop-ly-20220322103942053.chn

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