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The present life of Cong Vinh’s sister

Used to be a beauty queen, accused of “snatching her husband”

Cong Vinh family has 3 children. In addition to the male player and an older sister, there is also a younger sister named Le Khanh Chi (born in 1989). Khanh Chi was an alumnus of Hanoi University of Culture, won the Miss Student award, and participated in many art activities.

Having a little talent, plus being the sister of a famous player, Khanh Chi quickly became known to everyone. However, in 2014, Khanh Chi “followed her husband to give up the game”, married a husband who works in the construction industry. A year later, she gave birth to her first daughter, giving her the nickname Ruby.

Cong Vinh's sister: Once accused of going abroad to snatch her husband, now returns home to live in luxury - Photo 1.

Khanh Chi and Cong Vinh.

Khanh Chi’s married life is not happy. She and her husband broke up in silence. After her marriage broke down, Khanh Chi decided to go to Singapore to work, leaving her children at home for her mother to look after and take care of. Going abroad for a while, the former hot girl Nghe An revealed that she had a new boyfriend. Khanh Chi works hard to post romantic photos with a man and calls him “husband”.

In 2017, Cong Vinh’s younger sister’s name was suddenly mentioned a lot when she got caught up in an accusation of “striking her husband”. The article “peeling out” caused a stir in social networks at that time, causing Khanh Chi’s image to deteriorate a lot. Even so, the main character decided to keep quiet.

Cong Vinh's sister: Once accused of going abroad to snatch her husband, now she returns to live in luxury - Photo 2.

In 2014, Khanh Chi got married but then broke up with her husband peacefully.

After a while, Khanh Chi returned to Vietnam and bought an apartment in Ho Chi Minh City. Cong Vinh’s sister spends a lot of time with her daughter and family, celebrating the Lunar New Year reunion. After that, she continued to return to Singapore and now has returned to Vietnam.

Return to Vietnam to live in luxury, buy a lot of branded goods

On her personal page, Khanh Chi shares her job as a booking at a bar in Ho Chi Minh City. The player’s sister revealed that her job is developing very smoothly.

Khanh Chi’s beauty is also a topic that many people pay attention to. Over time, the former hot girl has become more and more colorful, wearing a hot body with a tiny waist, stylish, younger and sexier than before. Khanh Chi shows her wealth and luxury when she often shows off expensive designer bags from Chanel, Dior,…

Cong Vinh's sister: Once accused of going abroad to snatch her husband, now she returns to live in luxury - Photo 3.

After her marriage broke down, she went to Singapore to work. In 2017, she was accused by a woman of being “small tam”, going abroad to sing in a bar.

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After working in Singapore, Khanh Chi returned to Vietnam. She is more beautiful and stylish.

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Khanh Chi is close to her brother and sister-in-law.

Outside of work, a beautiful single mother still focuses on spending time with her family. Occasionally, she meets her brother and sister-in-law and always gives compliments to them, especially the beauty of Thuy Tien’s sister-in-law. Khanh Chi also often travels with friends to relax and explore many places in the country.

Whether Khanh Chi has a new boyfriend or not is probably a question that interests many people. In this regard, Cong Vinh’s sister often reveals on social networks that she is currently single. After the breakup and all the noise, Khanh Chi expressed her opinion: “These days, you just need to know how many numbers the account jumps. But I don’t need to know where I stand in someone’s heart“.

Cong Vinh's sister: Once accused of going abroad to snatch her husband, now she returns to live in luxury - Photo 6.

Khanh Chi owns many expensive branded bags.

Or once, she also philosophized about life that: “Those who do not compete are not fools, but blessed! When people live with their eyes always “staring” at others, life must be very tiring!

Living in this world, don’t think that everything has to be in competition. Some things in life do not have to be obtained by fighting, but if they are, they are not necessarily happy. Others have their splendor, and you have your own.

Live in peace…“.

Photo: Facebook character


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