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The real estate market appears “profit on paper”

22/03/2022 15:03 GMT+7

In the past few months, many investors have shared that the real estate market in some places has appeared “profit on paper”, meaning the asking price has increased but…

Mr. Vinh – a professional real estate investor said, there are 2 investment ways: One is a surfer investor; The second is a person who buys real estate to accumulate assets.

After a period of hot growth of 30 – 50%, it is heard that investors have “heavy profits”, but the transaction situation in some places is showing signs of slowing down, making it difficult to find buyers. Those are some areas on the outskirts of Hanoi, or some hot provinces early last year.

“Investors who surf will be stuck, if you make a profit or lose, you will get stuck when you miscalculate. That also has a positive side, reducing surfers, helping the market stabilize again. “, said Mr. Ngo The Vinh – investor.

A representative of Savills Vietnam said that many investors have been “stuck” by buying land during heat waves, while the development of infrastructure and services has not kept up.

The real estate market appears to be profitable on paper - Photo 1.


The high asking price of real estate, but not easy to sell, is making it difficult for project investors who plan to launch this year. In fact, some adjacent projects and shophouses have offered a selling price that has nearly doubled compared to last year, but buyers are not easy to find.

Experts said that if the market demand is not properly calculated, these investors will easily fall into the situation of “his stick hitting his back”.

Ms. Do Thu Hang – Senior Director, Consulting and Research Department, Savills Hanoi said: “Sold projects may not attract investors because the price is too high. New projects will attract investors. more attractive, setting the price at a reasonable level to sell at later stages”.

The situation of “interest on paper” is putting pressure on investors to borrow from banks, or need money immediately. While people looking to buy real estate to live in are having a hard time finding products that fit their budget, because prices are constantly being pushed up.

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