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The risk of widespread power outages in Japan

The Japanese rescue agency assisted people in the night of the March 16 earthquake. Photo: JIJI

The above warning was issued in the context that the electricity demand of the people is nearing the supply capacity threshold of the power production facilities of Tokyo Electric Power Corporation (TEPCO).

The reason is that some thermal power plants have not been able to operate again after a magnitude 6.0 earthquake occurred on the night of March 16 in the area of ​​Fukushima Prefecture.

Meanwhile, the increased cold air increases the demand for electricity for heating. The output of solar power plants is also significantly reduced due to bad weather.

TEPCO asserts that it will only ensure a stable supply if the actual electricity usage is reduced by 10%.

Faced with the above situation, the Japanese Government calls on businesses and households under the management of TEPCO to try to save maximum electricity during the period from 8am to 11pm daily.

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