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The woman took 33 years to find a relative, 20 years later the DNA test gave unexpected results

Recently, Ms. Penny Mackieson – a 69-year-old woman from Melbourne, Australia shared with the media about his sad and rare life.

Mackieson was born in 1963 at the hospital Queen Victoria, Melbourne and was soon placed in a local orphanage. After a while, she was taken home by her adoptive parents and had a happy adulthood. However, the question of who are my biological parents, I come toYes, it is always in her heart.

At the age of 26, Penny Mackieson decided to begin a journey to find relatives. Through investigation, the old orphanage provided the name that is believed to be Mackieson’s birth name and some information about her biological mother. But the search remained fruitless for many years.

The orphan woman took 33 years to find her birth mother, thinking that she would be completely happy until old age once again received a strange

Ms. Penny Mackieson has a very complicated and contradictory journey to find relatives

In 1997, the twin children of Mackieson died prematurely just days after his death. This shock prompted her to once again try to find her birth mother because she realized the value of sacred motherhood. She always thought that maybe her biological mother was in pain when she lost this daughter.

Thanks to the help of several organizations that help find relatives, Penny finally broke down in happiness when she found her biological mother. The mother and daughter later reunited in tears and they built an extremely close and close relationship. Although not raised by her biological mother, Mrs. Penny still repays her mother’s birth.

But the story here is not over yet. Time passed, until 2016, Penny Mackieson collapsed completely when accidentally discovered an extremely unbelievable truth.

She was given a DNA test kit by an acquaintance, capable of finding out the origin and ethnicity of the tester. Originally just doing the test for fun, Penny did not expect to receive a strange result, which is that she has a 70% chance of being of Greek origin, completely without British ethnic background. It is worth mentioning that her biological mother and biological family are of British descent.

The orphan woman took 33 years to find her birth mother, thinking that she was completely happy when she was old, and once again received a strange

After 20 years of receiving her birth mother, the woman discovered that the result was a mistake

A DNA test of Penny and her biological mother later confirmed the sad truth: they turned out to be completely unrelated. For nearly 20 years, mother and daughter have accepted each other and loved each other just because of a mistake.

Right from the moment Mrs. Penny was born, the nurse at the maternity hospital had negligently confused Mrs. Penny with another girl who was also in the orphanage. This confusion has caused her and the person she thought to be the “natural mother” into an extremely awkward and disappointing situation.

The old orphanage was able to contact Penny’s real Greek mother after that. It took 66 years for the woman to find her birth mother. But so far, Mrs. Penny has only received sadness. Her biological mother – who is now near the age of heaven and earth, does not want to meet the daughter she abandoned nearly 7 decades ago.

On nOn March 15, Penny finally finished correcting the information on her birth certificate, adding her birth mother’s name to it, even if they didn’t want to see each other again. Even so, this action still made Mrs. Penny feel comforted because she could finally identify who she was and where she came from.

The 69-year-old woman said that this July, she will go to Greece – her mother’s hometown to travel. She won’t see her mother and relatives, but still wants to learn about the land where she came from.

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