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The woman who cut off her husband’s penis because of suspicion of abusing her daughter was returned home

Regarding the incident, the man was cut by his wife”quarter” at midnight, the police of Son La province are still investigating and clarifying the cause of the incident.

In the latest share, lawyer Nguyen Anh Thom (Hanoi Bar Association, who provides free legal support to the woman who cuts off her husband’s “vaginal penis” in Yen Chau, Son La) said, after 3 After staying at the police headquarters for investigation, this morning (March 22), Ms. HTN (SN 1986) was able to return home.

According to Ms. N., the Investigation Agency kept her at the headquarters to ensure the safety of her life and health, to prevent any unforeseen events.

Up to now, the investigating agency has not made any decision on proceedings related to the behavior of Ms.

Regarding the suspicion that Ms. N.’s husband is a NVH (29 years old) of sexually abusing her 15-year-old daughter, the police agency is actively investigating and handling it in accordance with the law.

The woman cut off her

Because of her husband’s “strange behavior” with her stepdaughter for 2 years, the repressed wife used a knife to cut off her husband’s “guts”. Illustration

Also according to lawyer Thom, for the act of sexually abusing the baby of subject H. is the most important thing, the Investigation Agency has been vigorously investigating and clarifying to handle strictly according to the provisions of the law. law.

Previously, according to the presentation of Ms. N. the incident stemmed from the depraved behavior of her husband, Mr. NVH (29 years old) who repeatedly played tricks with her 15-year-old stepdaughter. Most recently, Ms. N. obtained evidence of her husband’s behavior from the camera system on March 18. Due to the repressed and agitated psychology, Ms. N. used a knife to cut off her husband’s “vagina”.

Lawyer Thom added that the Investigation Police Agency (Yen Chau District Police, Son La) has taken the girl (Mrs. N’s stepdaughter) for forensic examination to have a basis to handle the case according to regulations. law.

Related to the above incident, the leader of Yen Chau District Police said that the camera Ms. N. set at home was seized by the police to serve the investigation.

We will continue to report on the incident.

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