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These 5 F0 groups should not be used cordyceps lest it harm the body

Ages ago long ago, Cordyceps well known for its health benefits. In recent times, people are flocking to buy more cordyceps for the purpose of strengthening resistance, helping COVID-19 patients recover quickly.

According to scientist, National General Practitioner Bui Dac Sang (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Hanoi Association of Oriental Medicine in Vietnam): Cordyceps is a rare and precious medicine. It is so named because in winter it is a worm, in summer it becomes a plant. Ancient books consider Cordyceps to be equal to Ginseng.


Cordyceps has appeared in Tibetan medicine since the 15th century. According to ancient documents of Oriental medicine, cordyceps has a sweet taste and is mild in nature. Useful for kidney failure, tonifying marrow, hemostasis, and phlegm. Has the effect of nourishing the body, helping to strengthen the immune system; treatment of degeneration, joint pain; treatment of impotence, spermatogenesis, helping to enhance physiology…

Every day, 1-2g of dried cordyceps can be used, steeped into a nourishing tea, chewing the whole cordyceps residue to increase physical strength.

During the COVID-19 epidemic season, cordyceps is one of the nutritious functional foods. It works accelerate the recovery process, overcome post-COVID symptoms.

However, because this is a nutrient-rich functional food, it is necessary to keep a few important notes in mind when using it.

3 groups of people use cordyceps best

1. People who are sick

While carrying the disease, the body often has a decrease in physical strength and resistance. The use of cordyceps will help the body recover quickly.


2. Elderly people

According to the morning physician, this group of people, if regularly used cordyceps, will have the effect of strengthening the tendons, stimulating eating and sleeping, and increasing physical strength.

3. People who are thin and malnourished

A thin and weak body will look lifeless, if using cordyceps properly, the digestive system will improve and help absorb nutrients well, gain weight quickly.

5 subjects to avoid using cordyceps

1. Children under 5 years old, people with fever: Because cordyceps is warm, it cannot be used for purely warm diseases such as fever. Children under 5 years of age have high heat, so they should not be used.

2. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis: This group of people, if using supplements such as cordyceps, will stimulate the activity of the immune system, making the symptoms of the disease worse.


3. People with blood clotting disordersblood is difficult to clot because the active ingredients in Cordyceps will make the blood more difficult to clot and flow more.

4. People preparing for surgery Because the composition of the paste will increase the number of red blood cells, making it more difficult for the blood to clot, affecting the results of surgery.

5. Pregnant women in the first months also belongs to the group of restricted use of cordyceps.

2 mistakes not to be made when using cordyceps

1. People with COVID-19 use a lot during the treatment period

Many people seek to buy cordyceps during COVID-19. However, tDr. BS Ngo Quang Hai (former Deputy Director of the Center for Training and Directing, Central Acupuncture Hospital): During the period of COVID-19 infection, patients should not eat a lot of foods with too many nutrients. like cordyceps. Because the supplement makes the evil gas and the gas stay in the body longer, the disease will be cured for a long time.

Instead, F0 should consume tonic after recovering from illness, will work better.


2. Overuse of cordyceps

Cordyceps is rich in nutrients, so it is important to use the right dosage. Excessive abuse can cause dizziness, arrhythmia… Adults can use 3-8g per day. In case you are using medication, you need to consult your doctor before using antiseptic.

At the same time, while using cordyceps, do not use hot spicy dishes to avoid harm. picture-dung-2-sai-lam-not-duoc-mac-phai-20220321192840625.chn

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