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This is where Victoria’s Secret “angels” show true lingerie

In addition to watching the “angels” of Victoria’s Secret on the catwalk, there is a place you should check out if you want to see the girls show true lingerie. It sounds far-fetched, but in fact, the place in question is the backstage, that is, the chicken wings. Because here, all the “angels” will wear underwear that we can wear every day, simply and without fuss. But thanks to that, those hot bodies have land to show off.

No need to dress up, Victoria’s Secret models only need to wear simple lingerie, wearing a coat of American brand, and the fans will automatically fall. The comfort, nature of chatting and having fun also makes the photos taken at the backstage more vivid and energetic.

The basic design of the underwear is the “uniform” of the girls behind the scenes, waiting for makeup, hairdo, dressing up and waiting for their turn to go on stage. Each year, the company will change this “uniform” in terms of color, design or texture. But perhaps the pink plaid cape is still the most famous, the back of the shirt usually has the brand name printed on it

The familiar faces, the “big sisters” of Victoria’s Secret here, do you remember? The design of the show is different every year, but the makeup layout as well as the hairstyle of the models are not much different. They all love the glossy foundation, “glossy” nude lips, using highlighter, and the hair is curled with big, bouncy curls.

The Hollywood cult It girl trio including Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid since their appearance is also a media attraction for the show. Like other models, to walk on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk, they must undergo an extremely strict diet and exercise regimen. Even before the event took place, the girls were only allowed to eat very little or even nothing at all to ensure their perfect body shape.

For Asian audiences, 3 names Sui He, Ming Xi and Liu Wen are always expected faces. The body of 3 mainland beauties may not be as plump and hot as other Latin American models, but their charisma is not inferior to anyone. Victoria’s Secret’s annual show is always bustling with the presence of a large number of “angels”, the behind-the-scenes preparations are so busy, so it’s normal if you see the girls having to do their own makeup.

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