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Thuong Cin (Cream Xoi): The giants love ‘strange things’, the little tams are short!

22/03/2022 12:21 GMT+7

Thuong Cin – a beautiful actress, familiar with the audience through the series Kem Xoi has shared with Infonet about being “long-legged” with the giants.

In recent days, the scandalous story of singer Hien Ho when “accused” of being the third person is causing a stir in public opinion. Up to the present time, the case is still “unveiled” with new details in a direction that is detrimental to the vocalist The child of the past is different.

Up to now, Hien Ho has remained silent and has not made any statements related to noise. Meanwhile, giants Ho Nhan affirmed that their relationship is just “reliable brothers”.

In a related development, the businessman’s mother-in-law, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Son, also said that her daughter and husband Ho Nhan are still legally married.

Share with Infonet before the “small tam” controversy in Vietnamese showbiz, the actress Love Cin frankly admit, that story always exists and I feel too normal.

Thuong Cin (Cream Xoi): The giants love 'strange things', the little tams are short!
Actress Thuong Cin possesses outstanding beauty.

I work in the entertainment industry and have also been commented on with a bit of beauty and fame. I think it’s not uncommon for beautiful people to pair up with giants. Rich people or pretty girls, they are also human and also need love. So I think it’s normal to date rich people.

However, I do not support the fact that the beauty is dating a married rich man. This will affect and disturb the family. Some people even brazenly post them publicly on Facebook, take pictures with each other, etc. Some people are so excessive that they actively text and call to pressurize and tease the government.”Thuong Cin shared.

The 9X actress also did not hesitate to expose the reason why giants like to pair up with beautiful young beauties. Many giants are not due to bad wives, but out of adultery. “In fact, there are many people who have beautiful wives, good, talented, successful children but still go on a date, I think it’s because these men are addicted to “strange things”.“, Thuong Cin said.

Thuong Cin (Cream Xoi): The giants love 'strange things', the little tams are short!

Thuong Cin believes that many girls have a negative mindset that “trusts themselves to be beautiful, they have the right”. Therefore, in addition to natural beauties, many people deliberately do plastic surgery, refurbish their faces, bodies, … so that they are most eye-catching, most beautiful to be able to win the hearts of people with money.

Love is never bad, nor does it have any standards. But you should think again, because life is not only two people, there are many people behind.

For example, if a couple has feelings for each other, remember that behind a rich man has a wife, family, and children.

As for the young girl’s “uncle” relationship, it will also affect the girl’s personality, public opinion, and the girl’s parents.“, Thuong Cin said.

From an outsider’s point of view, Thuong Cin said that if someone decides to step on the path of minor tam, they should be “smug”. Because after all, she is also a woman, she also has a family later on, even if she gets married with the same tycoon, later on, she also has her own children to teach.


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