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Tips for packing things into a suitcase

If you’ve ever had a headache while packing for the holidays, the tips below will help.

Tips for packing things into a suitcase

Roll clothes

Instead of stacking clothes on top of one another, rolling them up is a way to save space. This way, even if your suitcase is cramped, you can still have everything you need.

Use a vacuum bag

Vacuum compression bags are perfect for packing large items such as coats, baby clothes, soft toys and bed linen. This solution saves a lot of space.

Apply the pyramid principle

First, place your shoes along the sides of the suitcase. Next, prepare clothes that are long and thick, such as pants and skirts. Do not roll it, spread it on the bottom of the suitcase. This outfit will pack the items placed on it.
Finally, pack stored items, cosmetics, accessories, documents, and small, fragile items at the top of the “pyramid”.

Buy travel size cosmetics

Take only really useful things for the trip. To save luggage space, you’ll need to extract cosmetics into bottles, small jars, or buy travel sizes.

Pack the little things the right way

If you need to carry small items such as USB sticks, pocket books, hair clips, tights, sunglasses, reading glasses, wrap them in a plastic bag and put them in your shoes, cosmetic box, or briefcase. With jewelry, you can keep it in a medicine box.

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