Towards Gen Z, social expectations and large corporations put their trust in the young generation

National Innovation Startup Day TECHFEST VIETNAM 2022 is officially launched. This is the 8th time this event has been organized with the aim of promoting innovative solutions from startups, attracting experts, intellectuals, domestic entrepreneurs, and overseas Vietnamese.

“I’m glad to see Techfest is no longer an unfamiliar phrase“, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Van Tung expressed.

“A quick Google search shows that the keyword Techfest has returned about 1.75 million results. This is not too large a number, nor is it a measure of Techfest’s success. But it is also a measure of Techfest’s success. shows the community’s spread and interest in this activity”.

The slogan of this year’s TECHFEST, according to Mr. Pham Hong Quat – Director of the Department of Market Development and Science and Technology Enterprises (Ministry of Science and Technology), is “Living in The Future“We are really living with the “Future World” created by Vietnamese Intelligence by pioneering technology in an “open” innovation ecosystem, and aiming for the Future – Generation Z – The next generation of the innovative startup ecosystem.

The reason for focusing on Generation Z (Gen Z), Director Quat said that GenZ is very special, with good imagination, independence, self-control, and a very open connection with the world. That is also the reason why TECHFEST 2022 has a “Hub” of open innovation (Open Innovation Hub) and a “Hub” of the future (The Future Hub).

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“In order to live with new ideas, instead of criticizing or distrusting future generations, the Government needs to have Sandbox mechanisms and specific mechanisms; large corporations and businesses must also believe in it. in the young generation can solve the great challenge; society must also believe that the young generation can solve the challenges of society, through open creativity, linkage, using external resources, not just use internal resources”.

“We live with our children, with their imaginations, their challenges, and let’s give faith and allow that new idea to flourish.“, said Mr. Quat.

TECHFEST Vietnam 2022 is organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a number of related agencies and units towards promoting a favorable environment for the formation and development of this type of business. Creative start-up, with the desire to inspire and motivate innovation to every citizen according to the orientations from the Prime Minister, expressing the great desire for a better and more civilized future. . Activities of TECHFEST Vietnam 2022 will be continuously updated on the website and Fanpage.

TECHFEST 2021 mark

– 90 events organized in the form of live combined online

– Attracted more than 2.5 million participants

– The Imprint Program was attended by Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, representatives of relevant Ministries, Departments and sectors, more than 100 investors and nearly 500 domestic and international speakers.

– The mark of TECHFEST 2021 attracts an investment commitment of more than 15.1 million USD in 3 days, contributing to the total investment in innovation in Vietnam in 2021 to 1.5 billion USD

What does TECHFEST 2022 have?

TECHFEST 2022 includes 30 villages divided into 5 complexes (Hub), including: The Future Hub, Tech Hub, Community Hub, Impact Hub, and Open Innovation Hub. There are some new Villages appearing in this year’s TECHFEST such as Metaverse Village, Circular Economy Village…

Besides the annual key activities at TECHFESTs such as high-level policy dialogue forum, national innovation startup talent search contest, investment matching activities, public solutions exhibition Innovation technology and activities of Technology Villages in fields and chains of activities continue to be developed with an open mind, forming bridges with scientific and technological institutions that have been and are currently operating. effective as: technology transfer, standards, measurement, quality, intellectual property, technology market, creating a close link in the national innovation system. believe-the-he-tre-20220322185947917.chn


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