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Two days to explore Cao Bang during the pear blossom season

In March to Cao Bang, you must go to Xuan Truong valley to see pear flowers, go to Bao Lac exhibition and check-in at Lung Pan bamboo forest.

As a person who lives and works in Cao Bang, 28-year-old Bui Hoai, shares: “Cao Bang visitors often go to Ban Gioc waterfall, Tung mountain… But now is pear blossom season, you have to explore the road. Ha Quang – Bao Lac – Nguyen Binh”. The following is a trip sharing according to Hoai’s experience.


From Hanoi to Cao Bang city, tourists book night buses from bus operators such as Thanh Ly, Khanh Hoan, 42… to save time. Ticket per person 300,000 VND. To the city, you rent a motorbike for around 200,000 VND/day, not including petrol. You can also drive yourself, with a distance of about 280 km, a travel time of 5 and a half hours.


Day 1: Cao Bang Town – Xuan Truong Valley – Khau Coc Cha Pass – Bao Lac . Town

Breakfast in Cao Bang city with dishes like banh cuon, sour noodle soup, sticky rice stuffing, banh pao… then go about 45 km to Pac Bo. Pac Bo is located in Truong Ha commune, Ha Quang district is a historical relic with natural scenery worth stopping by. Besides Pac Bo Cave, there is an emerald green Lenin stream with water flowing around the foot of the mountain.

Lunch at Me Farmstay – a tourist destination that combines accommodation services and a home farm, located about 5 km from Pac Bo.

Bui Hoai check-in at Xuan Truong valley.

Bui Hoai check-in at Xuan Truong valley.

In the afternoon, continue the journey to Xuan Truong commune, Bao Lac district. This section follows the scenic Hoai road, about a 2 hour drive. Xuan Truong Commune is a valley of valleys surrounded by high mountains. In March, you will see many large and small pear trees in bloom. People living in this valley grow pears and catch tigers for their fruit to eat. Not filled with white like the valley of plums and apricots in the Northwest, but coming to Xuan Truong, in the garden, in front of every house, there is a blooming pear. According to Hoai, the pears and cobras here will bloom until the end of March.

Stroll and take pictures in Xuan Truong pear flower valley, proceed to pass Khau Coc Cha. According to this schedule, you’ll reach the pass by late afternoon, climbing the mountain road to the viewpoint in 30 minutes. From here you can enlarge your baby The pass has 14 bends curled up on the slopes of a high mountain.

In the evening to Bao Lac city, Hoai and a group of friends had dinner at the Phong Do hot pot restaurant and stayed at the Thuy Duong hotel for 360,000 VND/night.

The majestic Khau Coc Cha Pass is visible from the vantage point.

The majestic Khau Coc Cha Pass is visible from the vantage point.

Day 2: Bao Lac Market – Khuoi Khon Homestay – Lung Pan Bamboo Forest – Cao Bang town

Wake up from hotel in the morning, walk to Bao Lac market, have breakfast, buy typical food. The markets meet on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th days of the lunar calendar. “If you come to Cao Bang, don’t miss the fair because everything here is very cheap and the food is delicious.”

After exploring the market, you stop at Khuoi Khon Homestay in Khuoi Khon hamlet, Kim Cuc commune, Bao Lac district for lunch and rest. This hamlet is mostly inhabited by the Lo Lo ethnicity, so the cuisine here also carries the identity of the Lo Lo people. In addition, if you want to take pictures in traditional Lo Lo costumes, you can rent them for 100,000 VND/set.

In the afternoon, on the way back to Cao Bang city, you pass a road with Lung Pan bamboo forest. This place has the largest bamboo planting area in Cao Bang, the view of the bamboo forest is as green and beautiful as the Thap Dien Mai Phuc movie set, so it’s also an interesting check-in point.

Lung Pan – Nguyen Binh – Cao Bang Road is about 100 km away. Around 20:30 – 21:00, you return to the city for dinner and rest while waiting for the car to return to Hanoi.

The vast green bamboo forest in Lung Pan.

Bamboo forest in Lung Pan.


In the cold mornings and evenings in the Cao Bang mountains (at night the temperature drops to 15-16 degrees Celsius), if traveling by motorbike, remember to wear warm clothes and bring a raincoat. The 2 day 1 night route is not too difficult, the girls can still ride a motorbike, just fill the tank with petrol because there are not many gas stations on the road.

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