Unveiling 3 sweet wedding spaces favored by couples 2022

For couples who love natural green

A perfect wedding ceremony, must be when the emotions of the bride and groom are honored, and the space becomes one with the ‘main characters’ of the party. Therefore, the charming scenery, the sound of crashing waves, the fine white sand beach or the small green forest with the sound of pine trees will make each moment more sublime and memorable. The freshness of the air, combined with the couple’s favorite colors, will create a wedding party in their own style, leaving a deep impression on the guests attending.

Some names are often loved by young couples such as MaiSon de Charme – an open-air wedding venue in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, a poetic wedding space “in the middle of a peaceful forest in Madagui” (Lam Dong), a light but sweet stand party at Lat Valley Dalat, Amiana Resort Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa) with beautiful beaches, calm waves regardless of day or night…, or sometimes just a A yard full of flowers, a small but meticulously maintained garden of a hotel or at a sparsely populated beach.

Whether in the golden afternoon, or the moment when the sunset dyes the horizon purple, outdoor parties will also be the ideal choice for those who want to find the harmony between the soul and nature.

For couples looking for a luxurious and romantic space

Difference, class and luxury are what luxury hotels bring to weddings held here. A special feature that makes large hotels chosen by many couples is convenience because most of these hotels are always located in central locations of the city. On the other hand, for couples who are busy with work until the wedding day, the professionalism and agility in support helps the bride and groom relieve some of the worries before the big day.

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With newly launched hotels such as Radisson Hotel Danang, the wedding hall will be designed in a modern style with airy high ceilings. In addition, the wedding hall of Radisson Hotel Danang also specially invests in high-end equipment such as: decorative lighting system that provides maximum light for shimmering events at night, large glass doors to help capture natural light. daytime nature, as well as opening the view to the vast ocean. With 3 choices of wedding decoration styles, this is definitely the perfect choice for your big day. And most of all, the hotel is also equipped with luxurious and sophisticated tableware to help couples’ wedding day become more luxurious and splendid than ever.

When organizing a wedding reception at luxury hotels like Radisson Hotel Danang, the party’s owners can also be assured of a diverse, sophisticated but equally attentive wedding menu from a skilled kitchen team. . From appetizers, main courses to desserts, all are meticulously cared for by talented chefs. Surely the bride and groom and the guests will feel satisfied by the unique ‘5-star’ culinary taste.

‘Secret’ wedding for couples who love privacy

Some wedding experts believe that secret wedding locations – where only the bride and groom and a few guests are invited will become the wedding trend of this year. Different from shimmering weddings in luxury hotels, or lively outdoor weddings, weddings at a ‘secret’ location have a natural and cozy style. An elopement wedding (secret wedding) will be suitable for couples who like privacy, emphasizing personal experiences. The style of choosing secret wedding locations is still quite popular in the LGBT community because of its privacy and minimalism. The secret wedding for these couples is an important milestone marking their journey together and a sacred commitment. With a wedding with a few dozen guests, couples not only save time in preparation and organization, but also have more time to spend with each other and with the closest guests.

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A few great suggestions for a sweet ‘escape’ can be a garden inside a classic villa, or a party on the rooftop bar of a hotel with sweeping city views. or somewhere a retro cafe like Sai Gon Chic surrounded by the bride and groom. In addition, some hotels with swimming pools – sky bars on the rooftop such as Radisson Hotel Danang are also considered as private addresses for a romantic cocktail night, or an intimate meal with relatives and friends.


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