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Vietlott 22/3, Vietlott Power lottery results today March 22, 2022. Power lottery

Vietlott 22/3. The most updated live TGVN newspaper Lottery results Vietlott Power 6/55 today, Tuesday, March 22, 2022, easily review the results of many previous days faster and more accurately. Vietlott Power 6/55 was held at 6:10 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and was filmed directly at the 19th floor studio, VTC building, address 23 Lac Trung, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.

Direct results of Vietlott Power lottery today 22/3/2022 – Vietlott 22/3 – Vietlott 6/55 lottery 22/3 – Vietlott Power lottery today

Power 6/55 self-selected computer lottery is a new product of Vietlott company, launched in August 2017. The prize value is very attractive with 2 Jackpot prizes. Specifically, the minimum Jackpot 1 prize from 30 billion, the minimum Jackpot 2 prize from 3 billion. Prize value will still be accumulated after each drawing period if no winner is found.

Power 6/55 has up to 55 pairs of numbers in 1 cage (from 01 to 55). Power 655 lottery has 2 Jackpot prizes (Special) in 1 draw. Jackpot 1 prize with a minimum starting level of 30 billion VND is determined through 6 official draws. The new point of Power 6/55 is that when you only hit 5 numbers with the lottery results of Jackpot 1, you still have a chance to receive Jackpot 2.

Jackpot 2 is initially performed by 1 drawing to determine a special pair of numbers to determine the winner. Accordingly, any ticket that has 5 pairs of numbers that match the 5 pairs of Jackpot 1 numbers and has an additional pair of numbers that coincide with a special pair of numbers, that ticket will win the jackpot 2 with a minimum amount of 3 billion VND.

After each lottery without winning tickets for Jackpot 1 and Jackpot 2, after deducting the amount paid for the first, second and third prizes, Vietlott will take 55% of the accumulated ticket sales for the jackpot, of which 90 % (of 55% of turnover) is accrued for Jackpot 1 and 10% is cumulative for Jackpot 2.

For Power 6/55, when the Jackpot 1 prize exceeds 300 billion VND but there is still no winner and there is a winner in that lottery, the amount exceeding 300 billion VND from Jackpot 1 will be added to the price. Jackpot 2 prize.

In case there is more than 1 Jackpot winner, the prize will be divided according to the player’s participation rate.


1. Entrants participating in the lottery to choose a computer number must fully satisfy the following conditions:

a) Being a Vietnamese citizen residing in the country or a Vietnamese residing abroad who lawfully enters Vietnam or a foreigner who lawfully enters Vietnam;

b) Being a person aged full 18 years or older;

c) Being a person with full civil act capacity as prescribed by Vietnamese law, unless otherwise provided for by an international treaty to which Vietnam is a signatory.

Where to buy Vietlott Power 6/55 lottery tickets?

Players can go to ticket sales points, self-selected lottery centers to buy tickets. In the near future, Vietlott will deploy distribution methods via phone and Internet. At that time, players can call, text the operator or visit Vietlott’s website to buy tickets.

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