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Vietnamese quiz: “What do married women hate?”

Those who like puzzles will surely understand the fun and benefits of regularly playing charades and quizzes. This game helps us dispel stress and fatigue after a long day of studying and working. Moreover, through puzzles will help players accumulate knowledge, improve thinking ability and association.

In season 2, episode 30 – show Fast like lightning A rather difficult question arose. The word puzzle that MC Truong Giang gave has the following content:

“What do married women hate so much?”.

  Vietnamese quiz: What do married women hate?  - The answer is NOT HARD, but think for a while - Photo 1.

Source: Lightning Fast

This question is very simple but to give the answer in a short time is really not easy. In the confusion, the player answered: Lake of Sighs. Of course this answer is incorrect.

If you can’t answer, you can refer to the following answer: HOLY TINH.

According to legend, fox foxes (also known as fox foxes) are descended from wild foxes. After going through the process of self-cultivation, he will become a fox spirit. The fox fox has the original features of foxes such as: Likes to hide, eat meat and drink blood. They have pure white fur, soft and smooth, elegant appearance, flexible with sharp eyes.

If in the form of a human, the fox will have a graceful, dignified beauty that tilts the water to the side. They have a strong attraction to the opposite sex. The ability to attract the opponent is so strong that it is hard for anyone to resist.

  Vietnamese quiz: What do married women hate?  - The answer is NOT HARD, but think for a while - Photo 2.

Before that feature, today, people often use the phrase “fox” to refer to women who destroy family happiness, blatantly dating married men. The word “fox” is also mentioned with a disdainful, ironic tone.

Besides, to refer to the women “instruding” into family happiness, people also create many other words: the 13th zodiac sign, tuesday, green tea, etc.

Some equally tough questions in the show Fast like lightning has the following content:

-Which of them weighs 100kg?

=> Answer: Last name Ta.

-Which eye is the most dangerous?

=> Answer: Eye of the storm.

-The shorter the incense stick, the shorter it is. What tree burns longer?

=> Answer: Bamboo tree, bamboo tree.

-Which road is the softest in Vietnam?

=> Answer: Silk Road.

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