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What can Hien Ho lose after the love scandal?

In recent days, the name Hien Ho and her image have appeared in the media because of the suspicion of having an affair with a married businessman. The female singer locked her social network account and did not speak up to justify herself, so the damage to her reputation and career would be significant.

What can Hien Ho lose after the love scandal?  - first

Singer Hien Ho

The image of innocence crumbles

Before the emotional noise with the giants 31 years older than her, Hien Ho is known as the most innocent female singer in Vietnamese showbiz, “Duc Phuc female version” because of her somewhat naive appearance. Appearing on television programs, the beauty born in 1997 always makes the audience and artists laugh with cute and silly statements. Colleagues who have worked with Hien Ho all expressed their special affection for the female singer.

When the scandal “small tam” broke out, many viewers remembered Tran Thanh’s statement. He once uttered “want to buy Hien Ho to adopt” because of her lovely, innocent personality. In the program Wave 22he continued to assert: “No one has the same energy as Hien Ho. Hien Ho will be innocent until he’s 80, believe me!”. In addition to Tran Thanh, some male stars such as Truong Giang and Bui Anh Tuan did not hesitate to show their affection for Hien Ho.

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Tran Thanh repeatedly expressed his admiration for his juniors.

For a while, Hien Ho was enthusiastically assigned by Tran Thanh to actor Anh Duc. And Anh Duc commented on her with good words: “Hien Ho is a cute, personable and talented girl, certainly the image of many men. When I interacted with her, I also felt that she was a very cute female friend, if there is such a girlfriend, it would be too good.”

Therefore, when the love images with the giant U60 flooded the internet without any convincing explanation, the innocent image that the female singer had built for so long had completely collapsed. The audience was surprised when the lovely, naive girl they often see on television is being accused of being a “small tam”, having an affair with a man who is the same age as her father and has a family. Netizens “digged” her statement in a reply to the media, with the assertion that she would not know the giants, even less familiar with the elderly. She also said: “This society has so many beautiful people who sing well, why do they choose me? I’m thin, and my beauty is nothing special, so how can I know a rich man?”

For artists, the demise of the image they built has a great influence on their position in showbiz, so the consequences of this scandal for Hien Ho are said to be difficult to measure.

Risk of career plunge

Coming out of the Vietnamese Voice Contest 2017 with the title of runner-up, Hien Ho quickly conquered the audience with a series of “hits” such as: Then the loved one also turns into a stranger, Don’t say I’m crazy, Yes is like no, Meet but don’t stay… With a sweet, sweet voice, Hien Ho is one of the young singers with a large fanbase today.

However, when Hien Ho was suspected of dating a married rich man, many viewers were disappointed and expressed a harsh attitude. The forums noted criticism of the audience, saying that Hien Ho should not continue to sing or perform artistic activities. Many people expressed regret when the female singer was in danger of ruining her potential career because of the market: “Real voice fee. God gave her voice, she can earn a lot of money just by singing, how many people sweat and tears to earn. So that…”.

What can Hien Ho lose after the love scandal?  - 3
What can Hien Ho lose after the love scandal?  - 4

A series of love photos of Hien Ho and the 31-year-old tycoon.

On social networks, some anti-Hien Ho groups appeared with the number of members increasing rapidly, in just a few days, there were tens of thousands of people. Most of the posts and comments are directed against Hien Ho, and many netizens demand a boycott of her.

If she can’t prove her innocence, after this love scandal, when she returns to work in Vietnamese showbiz, Hien Ho will probably take a long time to recover.

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