“What can you do to me, hit me”

Recently, the People’s Procuracy of Dong Da District has just completed the indictment against Le Thi Hien (SN 1983, Hanoi), Vu Hoang Anh (SN 1991, Quang Ninh), Nguyen Duc Thang (SN 1992, Hanoi). and 15 other defendants for robbery.

Among the accused is Le Thi Hien, a former police captain, who was famous on social media for scolding airline staff at the baggage check-in counter and opposing the force. aviation security at Tan Son Nhat airport in August 2019. However, now, Mrs. Hien has been discharged from the army.

Airport “boom”

Le Thi Hien’s “crazy” incident at Tan Son Nhat airport in August 2019 must have been forgotten by many people because of the scandalous level of the incident.

Accordingly, on August 11, 2019, during the baggage check at Tan Son Nhat airport check-in counter, the female employee standing at the counter had a conflict related to Ms. Hien’s overweight hand luggage.

Although she was with a small child, Mrs. Hien still loudly cursed and used many offensive words towards the female employee, causing chaos in the check-in area, which was crowded with passengers waiting for their turn.

After that, Ms. Hien agreed to carry the above luggage and the airline also arranged for the above flight. However, during the process of passengers moving to security screening, Ms. Hien lost her boarding pass and continued to counter 1A loudly with the staff.

In the clip from the incident, it shows that despite being prevented, Le Thi Hien still constantly uses harsh words to curse and insult the airline staff such as: “My attitude is like that, I beg you not to do it. that’s why your father has to say that. The kind of people who go out on the street and slap you in the face. One day I have to run 5 million Facebook money for this child…!”.

Former police captain Le Thi Hien used to make a fuss at the airport: What can you do to me, beat me - Photo 1.

Image from the clip of the incident at the airport.

Mrs. Hien also added: “It’s normal to be offended, because he knows people say that, but he still acts like that. My baby is so small, now I have to carry him up the stairs. How can I go? , then he replied that it was your job. People see the elderly and children, they still have to help”, the female guest said.

The male airport security staff also came to remind and asked Mrs. Hien to calm down, then she was yelled at: “Your job? Are you excited? If you can do anything to me, you do it, hit me Go. I can’t speak softly, I have to speak loudly,” the woman challenged.

Notably, when she was put in the security room of the airport to work, Ms. Hien still threatened, cursed and insulted the staff here. As soon as she entered the room, Ms. Hien immediately called to ask for help from other people and beat the security force with a $6,000 watch (equivalent to VND 140 million).

“It’s locked my hand, hurry up baby. Oh my gosh, broke my watch, 6,000 USD. Broken my hand, my God,” the woman cried non-stop over the phone.

Former police captain Le Thi Hien used to make a fuss at the airport: What can you do to me, beat me - Photo 2.

Ms. Le Thi Hien when working with airport security. Image cut from clip

Experience after the incident

Sharing with Vietnamnet on August 23, 2019, a few days after the scandalous incident, Ms. Le Thi Hien affirmed that she was unjust, people were misinterpreting the truth.

According to Mrs. Hien, the baby was sick, so she asked the staff to give her the upper seat of the plane, but was curtly answered: “Only row 35, if you can go, go, if you don’t, then go.”

When sending luggage, she also knew that from August 1, each passenger was allowed to send 23kg of luggage, but the female airline employee who did the check-in procedures did not instruct this person to close the luggage, but only told her to do so. Mrs. Hien’s family has an excess of 3kg. Repressed anger, Mrs. Hien shouted loudly.

Regarding the video of this woman cursing, even grabbing her hair, hitting the counter staff and the aviation security force, Ms. Hien explained to the above source that: “People don’t know that the airline staff cursed my mother and me. The incident took place 10 days, then suddenly the video appeared like that. The scene of the airport staff cursing me, hitting me, why didn’t anyone post it.”

In particular, Ms. Hien was frustrated because after the incident, her personal phone number was made public on the internet, so there were hundreds of calls and messages cursing, threatening, and killing people, seriously affecting her life.

Former police captain Le Thi Hien used to make a fuss at the airport: What can you do to me, beat me - Photo 3.

Portrait of Mrs. Le Thi Hien. Photo: Workers

A series of consequences

After the above incident, on August 24, 2019, the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam issued a decision to ban Ms. Le Thi Hien from transporting by air for 1 year, from August 27, 2019 to August 26. 2020 and mandatory visual inspection in the next 12 months from August 27, 2020 to August 26, 2021.

Ms. Le Thi Hien was banned from flying due to acts of violating discipline and order, causing trouble at airports, such as being loud, uncooperative, having insults, insulting, using her hands to hold her hand. hair, using his foot to step on the aviation security officer on duty.

Vietnamese and foreign airlines operating in Vietnam on domestic and international flights departing from Vietnam are not allowed to carry Ms. Le Thi Hien within the above time limit.

On November 15, 2019, a leader of the Hanoi Police Department informed the Laborer that the Party organization of the Dong Da District Public Security Agency had disciplined the Captain in the form of “Expulsion of the Party”. Le Thi Hien – Officer of the Traffic Police – Order – Quick Response Team (Dong Da District Police, Hanoi).

The Hanoi Public Security Agency also proposed the Hanoi City Police Director to discipline and downgrade the rank from Captain to Lieutenant for Captain Le Thi Hien and was approved.

Later, Ms. Le Thi Hien was discharged from the army.

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