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What makes your loved one the happiest?

For you, family and loved ones are most important, so you work every day to see the smile of the person you love. But sometimes, what really brings happiness to your loved ones isn’t what you envisioned…

As long as you are happy…

Loving her parents’ hard work and sacrificing her life to take care of her family, Ngoc M. always told herself to try to make a lot of money to pay filial piety to her parents and take care of her children. In addition to the main job, M. also works overtime, sometimes when she comes home, she only has time to eat and drink and then go to sleep so that tomorrow starts a new day from dawn.

30 years old, M. has never dared to spend money to buy herself a precious jewelry or stylish fashion item.

What makes your loved one the happiest?

The money earned, M. only dared to spend a small part for her own minimum needs, how much left over, she sent it all back to her parents and children. Sometimes when she gets a bonus, she buys milk and tonics to send back to her hometown… For M., family is the whole world, so her happiness is the image of her parents being able to relax in old age and the children being left alone. learning mind.

Even the only love from his student days, M. was also shy when his boyfriend mentioned further matters. Although she feels very lucky to have him by her side, she is afraid… she’s married, her parents and siblings, who can they rely on?

At the weekend, the whole family suddenly took the car to visit M. “I haven’t been back for nearly a year, my parents miss me a lot. You also want to know if the second sister is living well…”, her mother’s calloused hands stroked her hair.

What makes your loved one the happiest?

Meeting her boyfriend, her parents happily chatted, and then moved away from the future. She shook her head erratically. Her father took out of his old worn-out pocket a few savings books and put them in her hand, then took his hand and placed it. “The money I’ve sent home for a long time, my parents saved it for the two of us. Parents can still take care of themselves, children also help with many farm work, not to mention all of them have scholarships. As long as the two children are happy, the parents feel complete…”, choked M.’s father.

She cried. For a long time, she told herself to be a support for her parents and children, but forgot that as long as she was happy and peaceful, happiness would fill her parents’ eyes. Because she herself, to her family, is the whole world.

True happiness: need both “receiving” and “giving”

Having a lovely appearance, but due to a lot of changes in her body after giving birth plus being busy taking care of her family, Minh H. is becoming more and more “sharp”. However, she did not pay much attention to this, because most of the day, H. devoted herself to taking care of her husband and children and the house. How big the outside world is, H. doesn’t care, she encapsulates her world in a small family, and her happiness is in a neat, clean house, or in delicious meals. and the peaceful sleep of her husband and children.

Dates with friends are also gradually sparse. Even with her closest girlfriend, H. was also ready to cancel the appointment if her husband returned from a business trip earlier than planned that day.

Her favorite fashion items before she had a baby, H. also stowed away in the corner of the closet, wondering when she would never wear them again. Going shopping, H. quickly browsed through the stores of cosmetics and handbags for women, and only stopped at places with items that she thought her husband and children would like.

What makes your loved one the happiest?

From the bottom of her heart, H. raised a sense of pride, about how she is fulfilling and sacrificing for her family, and smilingly imagined that if one day he was away from home, he would be confused…But rare times. Silently looking at herself in the mirror, H. still couldn’t help but feel moved…

On March 8, she suddenly received a voucher for a resort at a 5-star resort that she had not decided many times. It was her husband who had quietly prepared this gift for H. and, without giving H. time to ask, he wrapped his arms around his wife: “Thank you for taking care of our family. But I will be happier if you also take good care of yourself and enjoy your private moments. Let me take care of you, just like you take care of my family, okay!”

What makes your loved one the happiest?

She was silent, resting her head on his shoulder, feeling the happiness of being protected and someone’s small world…

As the small but precious world of each person, family is always a place full of love and shelter for you through many storms. It doesn’t matter who you are in the vast world out there, to your family and loved ones, you are the world. When you make an effort to see the smiles of your loved ones every day, they do all they can to keep you healthy, happy and happy.

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