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Who is Russia’s supreme battlefield commander in Ukraine? America is not sure this person exists

This is what former and current US defense officials have identified as one of the potential causes of “clumsiness and confusion” in Russia’s military campaign.


According to two US defense officials, in the absence of a supreme ground commander in/near Ukraine, units [từ nhiều quân khu của Nga] fighting in different parts of Ukraine appear to be competing for resources, rather than coordinating their combat efforts.

The two sources added that the units involved in various Russian attacks across Ukraine were not connected. They seem to be operating independently without an overarching battle line.

Russian forces also appear to be experiencing major communication problems. Soldiers and commanders sometimes have to use commercial cell phones and other insecure channels to communicate, making their communications more vulnerable to interception and allowing Ukraine to target counterattacks. labour.

All of this has resulted in the “sporadic” and “sometimes chaotic” operation of Russian forces.

CNN: Who is Russia's supreme battlefield commander in Ukraine?  America is not sure this person exists - Photo 1.

Russian soldiers on an armored vehicle take part in the military operation in Ukraine. Photo: EPA-EFE

Upon hearing these reports, American and Western officials were surprised. “One of the principles of war is ‘uniformity of command,'” Lieutenant General Mark Hertling, a former commander of US forces in Europe, told CNN.

“That means having someone in charge – to organize fire, coordinate logistics, allocate reserves, assess success. [hoặc thất bại] of different armies in the campaign, thereby making appropriate adjustments,” explained Mr. Hertling.

Historically, there have been times when Russia made this kind of information public, but so far, the Russian Defense Ministry has not made any announcements about a supreme commander in charge of military operations. in Ukraine. They also did not respond to CNN’s request for comment on the subject.

According to Hertling, even in the case that Russia has quietly appointed a supreme commander to oversee the offensive operation and the US cannot determine who that individual is, the state of Russia’s combat activities This is a sign that he [vị chỉ huy] “not suitable [với nhiệm vụ này]”.


The significant number of casualties among senior Russian officers fighting in Ukraine is also remarkable.

The Ukrainian side claimed to have killed five Russian Generals in the first three weeks of the war. This is a statement that CNN cannot independently confirm.

Recently, Russian state television GTRK Kostroma confirmed that Colonel Sergei Sukharev, commander of an elite Russian paratrooper unit, was also killed in the battle in Ukraine.

CNN: Who is Russia's supreme battlefield commander in Ukraine?  America is not sure this person exists - Photo 2.

Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, claimed that many generals and dozens of other senior officers of the Russian Army were killed. Photo: CNN

“The bottom line is that their command and control apparatus has been broken,” said retired US General David Petraeus.

The scale of the attack only made things worse. According to Lieutenant General Hertling, coordinating operations along a front spanning more than 1,000 miles requires “extensive communications capabilities and command-control-intelligence resources that the Russians do not have.”

“I don’t see anything that the Russian Navy is doing in line with what their Air Force/Army is doing,” said retired Lt Gen Ben Hodges, another former commander of US Forces Europe. let me know.

“The Russians have encountered a lot of difficulties with the command and control aspect at all levels throughout this operation,” said a US source familiar with the field. may come from the Ukrainian side”.

CNN sources add that, on the ground battlefield, Russian soldiers are often disconnected from their senior commanders.

“Soldiers in the field have a designated target in battle, but they have no way of contacting them. [với chỉ huy] if something goes wrong,” another source with intelligence told CNN.

Western officials believe this is partly the reason why some Russian soldiers withdrew, leaving their tanks and armored vehicles behind on the battlefield.

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