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Why is iPhone X still a smartphone worth buying in 2022?

Up to now, the iPhone X has been released for 5 years, but it is still a smartphone worth buying in 2022 for many reasons.

Good price

When it launched in 2017, the iPhone X shocked the world as Apple’s first $1,000 flagship. Today, $1,000 smartphones are common even reaching the $2,000 threshold, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Apple stopped selling the iPhone X in 2018, but you can pick up an old one for as little as $250.

Why is iPhone X still a smartphone worth buying in 2022?  - first

iPhone X still running the latest iOS version

Despite being out for a long time, iPhone X can still update to the latest version of Apple – iOS 15. One thing that users love about Apple is that it always supports older iPhones for a long time. Even old phones like the iPhone 6S can still run a state-of-the-art version of iOS.

While you can run iOS 15 on your iPhone X, it won’t be as fast as newer iPhones. You may feel your phone slow down if you open too many apps or play heavy games. However, this is something that can be overcome and is suitable for the price above.

Modern design

The iPhone X was released in 2017, considered a cult flagship at that time because it marked the “makeover” of Apple with its edge-to-edge design, the notch above and the removal of the Home button.

Apple has made several design changes to the iPhone since the launch of the iPhone X. With the release of the iPhone 12, the screen size of the iPhone has increased from 5.8 inches to 6.1 inches, and the edges of the phone have gone from rounded to a flat, square design. iPhone 13 is thicker and heavier, the notch is reduced.

Overall, the changes in Apple’s recent new iPhone models have evolved from the iPhone X. Apple’s latest flagship, the iPhone 13 Pro still has the iPhone X silhouette. That means owning an iPhone X, you will get the same basic design as the latest Apple phone.

Camera is still very “top”

While the iPhone X is no longer the “king” of the camera, its dual-lens cluster is more than enough for most mobile photographers. iPhone X has a 12MP camera with a dedicated telephoto lens, which helps to zoom in without losing image quality. In addition, the iPhone X can also record 4K videos at 60 frames per second.

While the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max have a camera cluster on the back, the basic iPhone 13 is still equipped with a dual camera consisting of wide and ultra-wide lenses. That’s pretty much the same as the iPhone X, except that the ultra-wide angle captures better landscapes while the iPhone X’s telephoto lens is better for close-ups and portraits.

Of course, since the release of the iPhone X, Apple has made improvements to the technology your iPhone camera. Newer iPhones have larger sensors that let in more light, optical image stabilization… While the improvement is nice, you can still take a lot of great photos without them. .

Plus, despite the extra camera features on the new iPhones, Apple’s latest flagships still only have 12MP cameras, just like the iPhone X.

Used as auxiliary machine

Even if you own the latest iPhone, you should have an extra device just in case in case the phone is lost, you still have a communication device and check some important data.

In addition, you can use one device for work, the other for entertainment purposes such as watching movies, listening to music, playing games… or using Wi-Fi.

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