Why is that?

Recently, in parallel with the Mac Studio desktop model, Apple has launched the Studio Display screen. Priced at $1599, Studio Display offers users a 27-inch 5K display inside an elegant aluminum housing.

However, besides the screen, Studio Display also integrates two other components, a webcam and a speaker system. And to control this system, Apple did not hesitate to equip this screen with the A13 Bionic chip, which is also the chip on the iPhone 11. A13 Bionic will be responsible for supporting the Center Stage feature (moving the frame) image based on user location) of the webcam and Spatial Audio of the speaker.

Recently, a programmer with a Twitter account @KhaosT there was one more interesting discovery about this monitor. Thereby, along with the A13 Bionic chip, Studio Display also has an internal memory capacity of up to 64GB. However, only 2GB is used and 62GB is left over.

Apple's Studio Display screen has the same amount of internal memory as iPhone, iPad: Why is that?  - Photo 1.

Studio Display’s 64GB capacity is on par with many iPhone and iPad models that Apple is still selling on the market, including the iPhone SE and iPad Air 5 that it just launched.

The reason Studio Display has such a large internal memory is not because the management software of this screen consumes a lot of space, but simply because Apple has a large amount of A13 Bionic chip and 64GB of internal memory available. This company has been using on product lines such as iPhone 11, iPhone SE 2nd generation and iPad 9th generation.

Apple's Studio Display screen has the same amount of internal memory as iPhone, iPad: Why is that?  - Photo 2.

The A13 Bionic chip on the iPhone 11 Pro (photo: iFixit)

So, ordering a separate SoC with lower internal memory can sometimes cost more than using what’s available, especially in the case of Studio Display when sales of this product will certainly be much lower than the iPhone.

In addition, the memory driver of the A13 Bionic may not be designed to work with a low amount of internal memory. All devices with A13 Bionic chip such as iPhone 11 or iPad 9th generation have internal memory starting from 64GB.

It should be noted, though, that Studio Display runs a stripped-down version of iOS 15.4. In the future, it is not excluded that Apple will have updates to this screen to bring more features. Maybe by then, the 64GB of internal memory will prove useful. 20220322094814845.chn

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