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Why was the Chinese language peeled off using “pha ke” muscles: Duong Duong

1. Nham Gia Luan

Since Ngu Giao Ky just released the trailer, netizens were excited because Nham Gia Luan Use a shirt to create muscles in the shape of a mermaid. Many netizens believe that the guy does not respect karma, refuses to exercise to gain muscle. Not to mention this muscle-building shirt is very fake, affecting the quality of the movie.

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The director then explained that the fishtail was too big, even if Nham Gia Luan gained muscle, it would be difficult to achieve balance. This response makes the fans happy, but a part of the audience still doesn’t believe it. The fishtail is made of special effects, not real props, does the producer have a way to make it hug the actor?

2. Cao Vy Quang

As an actor with a good body, Cao Vy Quang does not need to use fake muscles. But perhaps to wear more beautiful antiques, the actor still uses inner padding Tam Sinh Tam The Oc Thuong Thu. When the behind-the-scenes photos were revealed, many netizens were surprised.

Cao Vy Quang is tall in the movie

The Chinese star was peeled off using his mixed muscles: Duong Duong - Nham Gia Luan hid his short body, who spent hundreds of millions to have 6 packs - Photo 3.

Turns out I also have to use tricks

3. Truong Ham Du

As a veteran actor of the Chinese-language screen, Truong Ham Du was also stoned by the audience for using fake muscles. In 2016, the film crew Old Fireworks Children released behind-the-scenes photos of special effects artists gluing “muscles” to Truong Ham Du’s chest. It took Truong Ham Du 6 hours to put all 9 muscles on his shoulders, arms, chest, back and abdomen every time he was filming, and when he finished filming, it took 2 hours to remove them. The entire muscle part of Truong Ham Du costs up to 30,000 yuan (VND 108 million). Perhaps for an actor who is over 50, it is quite difficult to have such a strong body in such a short time.

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Truong Ham Du’s transformation process

4. Pham The Ky

lead actor Thanh Thanh Tu Kham is the most honest person in Cbiz when publicly using fake muscles, even showing off the price on social networks. He boasted that he had bought this 8-pack abs for only 2 million VND. Thanks to Pham The Ky’s self-exploitation, this item became a trend on Chinese social networks.

Only spend 2 million to have a body like a statue

5. Yang Yang

When he first became famous, Duong Duong had a relatively small body. That’s why when I have to take off my shirt to show my abs Signed religion tomb, he is also relatively pressured. The props team helped the actor by drawing abs on the actor’s belly, making him look more plump. It turns out that the handsome men are also suffering about their appearance as much as the women.

Image source: Synthesis people-chi-cat-tram-trieu-de-co-6-mui-20220321162004733.chn people-chi-ca-tram-trieu-de-co-6-mui-20220321162004733.chn?fbclid=IwAR3HXqEzux9K7029BI_reZ6WCfhIsJk9YZOIGvxzUR0uAKCvhp9rWw-pdZc

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