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XSMB March 23, direct results of the Northern lottery today March 23, 2022

Lottery 23/3. TGVN Newspaper will update the results directly Northern lottery todayXSMB Wednesday The fastest and most accurate date on March 23, 2022 from the studio of the Capital Lottery Company. Result lottery today Directly dialed at 18:15 every Wednesday, awarded by the Company Lotteryt Bac Ninh province (XSBN). Results starting from the eighth prize to the first prize, finally announcing the special prize.

Lottery – Lottery March 23, 2022 – Northern lottery March 23, 2022 – Northern lottery results Wednesday, March 23, 2022

The live update of the Northern Lottery results will be displayed 30 minutes before the drawing time. If the update panel does not show readers re-entering the category Society select Lottery today to watch live. Thank you!

Review the results XSMB – Northern lottery last term

– March 22

The number board is updating

– March 21

XSMB March 23, direct results of the Northern lottery today March 23, 2022

Northern Lottery Prediction – XSMB March 23, 2022 – Today’s Wednesday Lottery

Closing beautiful numbers, predicting the Northern Lottery – Lottery Wednesday, March 23, 2022:

Eighth Prize: 05

Special: head, tail: 34

2-digit bag: 02 – 83 – 64


Although the lottery has been issued again, there are still many people wondering if they should continue to suspend the lottery for safety. To answer this question, I will divide it into two main ideas:

For those in the green zone and allowed by the government to sell lottery tickets again, they can buy a few tickets if they can balance their personal finances as well as ensure the safety of themselves and those around them. . This will not only help you satisfy your passion, but it can also benefit the state’s budget at the moment.

But on the contrary, for those who are in isolation or are isolated at home, the advice is that you should wait. In the meantime, you can turn on the TV to monitor the results of the Northern Province Lottery today and can follow the Northern Province lottery directly through the websites. This can be an effective solution to help you temporarily forget about your current situation.


Readers can directly contact the lottery company issuing lottery tickets to receive prizes as follows:

Bac Ninh Lottery One Member LLC

Address: No. 27 Nguyen Dang Dao Street, Suoi Hoa Ward, Bac Ninh City, Bac Ninh Town

Phone: 0222.3821.256. FAX: 0222,3822.748

Please read the results Lottery today 23/3 and look up Northern lottery 23/3Result 23/3 The fastest update on International Newspaper everyday.

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