3 feng shui mistakes that directly affect the fortune of the house

If a house receives abundant sand and qi, that house will have many blessings. But if there is a lot of killing intent and weapons towards the house, fortune will be affected.


The wind here is the wind around the house you live in. The house hid from the wind is not good in terms of Feng Shui But if there is a strong wind around the house, it is easy to form “toxic wind”.

Such a house is usually located in places with strong winds, the amount of wind penetrating the house will be high. Therefore, even if the house is located in a place with a good location, it will also cause the family to have poor luck and waste money.

Corner house

According to feng shui, the house is likened to the owner’s pocket. If there is a hole in the pocket, all the money inside will fall out. A house too, if it is missing a corner, it will greatly affect the fortune of the owner.

The extent of the impact will depend on the age of the owner and the location of the defect. Besides, the ratio of the defect to the area of ​​the whole house is more or less also determines the degree of influence of the defect angle is heavy or light.

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The evil spirit at the gate

Gateway evil has 2 main types, one is the house with many doors and the other is the doors facing each other. Regardless of the type of evil spirit at the gate, according to feng shui, it is not good for the fortune of the owner.

A house with many doors means that a house is designed front and back with doors. Such a layout of doors is not conducive to keeping the wind and gas condensing, on the contrary, it also easily leads to a waste of money.

As for the house with opposite doors, such as the main door opposite the bedroom door, the bathroom door opposite the kitchen door, it is easy to form evil spirits and lose the family’s fortune.

Good tips to help the house full of vitality, welcome fortune

The main door is the leading element that brings vitality to the house. If you want your home to receive a lot of vitality and fortune, you need to pay attention to the layout and design of the main door.

If the house is facing south or southeast, which is the direction to welcome the good wind, there should be no obstacles in front of the main door such as big trees or electric poles so that the air flow can be transported smoothly into the house.

If the direction of the house is not good, you can plant bonsai or place a rockery on the other side of the main door as an obstacle to reduce the influence of toxic air and create symmetry.

If the designer designed the side door (the side door), the main door must be larger. If the opposite means that more air will escape than air in – the house will lose heat resulting in cold air. This design also helps you avoid the evil spirit at the gate, the house has many doors.

In addition, the doors in the house should not be arranged in a straight line lest the air flow in a straight line, creating a strong draft which is not good for health.

The arrangement of the doors together will make the air flow evenly in your room and every corner of the room is cool. If the doors are arranged in a straight line, you should put an ornament as an obstacle to dissipate the air in the room.

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